Glen Scotia 18 Year Old

Dry, Salt, Minerals

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30th Jan 2016

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Tasting Notes by Nemesis101

Often in the shadow of its Campbeltown neighbour, Glen Scotia seems to have had a bit of renaissance in recent years. From their new range I have previously tried their 16YO green bottle; this is the blue one. It has been open for about 6 months so has had plenty of breathing time.

Nose is very fresh but quite fruity. I get quite unusual notes of pineapple, grapes and lemon. Offset with typical salty and mineral notes. Grassy, slightly seaweedy but with more body and depth than the 16. Seems a little sweeter too.

The palate shows slight peat and seaweed notes with hints of liquorice and fennel. Lemon and salt;... minerals. Astringent, fairly thick mouthfeel. Not as fruity as the nose, but still slightly grassy with almost herb-like hints. Intriguing.

A very dry, slightly bitter and long-lasting finish.

The 16YO was very delicate but with lots of subtle complexity. This retains the complexity but loses some of the delicateness for a more robust hit. Although I really like this, I actually think I prefer the subtle delicate nature of the 16YO. Just my personal opinion of course.

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Glen Scotia


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Pale Straw


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