Glenesk 1971/2001 Silver Seal

Roast leg of Lamb

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22nd Mar 2015

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  • Nose: 21
  • Taste: 23
  • Finish: 22
  • Balance: 22

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Tasting Notes by Pandemonium

This 30yo whisky comes from the lost Eastern Highland Distillery formerly known as Glenesk or Hillside, so you may, and bottled by Silver Seal about 14years ago. Safe to say that this whisky comes at a price.

Description: pale gold in colour, long and fairly narrow legs in the glass, bottled at 49% ABV.

Nose: A faint but evolving nose. It opens as a rural malt with fairly dusty notes of freshly unearted potatoes and thyme. But develops into a more gental farmy dram with notes of wet leaves, hay and fresh vanilla.

Mouth: a vibrant and fizzing mouth feel similar to a young miltonduff. With hay on the palate and a touch of oak on the tongue, we're left with vague notes of orange peel and lavender oil.

Finish: a medium-long drying finish with tones of soft citrus, a spoonful of honey

Verdict: Like an old diesel engine it takes time to catch on. But when it is up and running with its pistons pumping, it turns into a roaring thunder. A succulent dram that suddenly makes you crave for roast leg of lamb. A particular seasoned style of whisky that probably died when they tore down the old Glenesk. Time to get a taste before it is too late.


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1971/2001 Silver Seal






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