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3rd Sep 2015

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  • Nose: 19
  • Taste: 23
  • Finish: 22
  • Balance: 22

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Tasting Notes by Pandemonium

Aka. The whisky equivalent of Glühwein (that’s mulled wine to all you Anglophones).

After owning a few Glenfarclas 105s over the years, I thought it was about time that I bloody well wrote a review about it. As the 105 Cask Strength is one of the more iconic drams, I believe this one needs no introduction.

Nose: a big bulgy sherry nose is out there loud and proud, smothering most of the other aromas. Though I can still detect a faint traces of chestnuts, warm plums jam, and some chewing tobacco (with water added: new notes of rice pudding with demerara sugar? I surely wasn’t expecting that!)

Mouth: a rich thick oily body, but dry on the palate. A thick layer dark bitter chocolate with a touch of orange, doused in red wine, sprinkled with cinnamon, cloves and rough grind black pepper.

Finish: a medium long and warm finish, slightly mouth drying, with a drop of orange bitterness in the tail.

Verdict: This is one of the true whisky classics, never came across someone who genuinely dislike the Farclas 105. It is easily one of the most likeable daily sippers. That being said, it is not without its, dare I say it, “shortcomings”. The nose for example is not that impressive or well structured. It is the potency of the taste that drives this powerhouse.


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Victor wrote:

@Pandemonium, thanks for your review. Your appraisal of Glenfarclas 105 is similar to my own. I was disappointed when I first tasted Glenfarclas 105 because I did not find the quality of the flavours to be equal to those of the Glenfarclas 15 yo I have consumed.

Oddly, I've never yet bought a bottle of Glenfarclas 105. When I've gone to Cask Strength Sherry matured, I have thus far opted for Macallan Cask Strength, Amrut Intermediate Sherry, and Aberlour A'bunadh. When I think Glenfarclas, my taste preference goes to the 15 yo over the 105, despite the very meritorious intensity of the 60% ABV version. So I never thought that I "needed" a bottle of Glenfarclas 105 over the other options,...not that I wouldn't enjoy having and drinking a bottle of it. It is probably just a matter of time before I do buy some.

04 September 2015 17:41

Pandemonium wrote:

@Victor Thanks, I generally buy the Glenfarclas 105, because is cheaper than dirt. At least it is on some Dutch and German websites: for this 1l bottle I payed €28. Making it probably the best priced quality single malt available in the Lowlands. All in all it's just value for your money and an easy after-work whisky. Sometimes you don't need a three-course meal, but a hearty pan fried steak will do when your tired. And that's when the 105 comes in.

04 September 2015 20:05

Victor wrote:

@Pandemonium, that is a hell of a price you are getting the Glenfarclas 105 for. I would have long ago bought Glenfarclas 105, if I could buy it at the prices you have been paying. Prices for it here are about 2.64 times your price, at $82.18. We have very low malt prices on many items here, but not on Glenfarclas 105.

04 September 2015 20:59

Nozinan wrote:

Of note, until recently the 105 carried a 10 YO age statement. The newer batches are now NAS. A shame really.

05 September 2015 04:58

Pandemonium wrote:

I don't really care about the NAS label for the 105. The whisky thrives on its short maturation in a fresh cask sticky from the sherry. So its always going to be a very young whisky. And I can imagine that a 105 with an 8yo or a 9yo statement on their label would sell significantly less within the target audience

05 September 2015 11:39

Nozinan wrote:

I've heard the 105 20 YO was fantastic. I think less maturation may impact on the quality. it is powerful, but was borderline alcohol burn and rough when I reviewed it.

Bladnoch 10 55%, a good A'Bunadh, Mac CS, glendronach CS will all overtake it if the quality slips...

06 September 2015 00:22

Taco wrote:

Like Victor, I would buy Macallan CS over the GF 105, but that is no longer an option (fracking Macallan!!). I do prefer it to Abunadh, though, so it is my sherry monster of choice. I've heard that they say it is still 9-10 YO casks in it, so not much change from the old 10, and the taste doesn't seem to have changed. I do use a lot more water with this one compared to everything else to cut both the alcohol burn and the intense sherry flavor. It really blossoms with some air time, so I usually let it set for several months after opening. I do the same for Dalmore 15, and it gets really good after 6-9 months.

08 October 2015 06:22

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