Glenfarclas 21 Year old

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26th Feb 2011

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Tasting Notes by jwise

I received sample bottles of the Glenfarclas 21yr and 25yr with a 70cl bottle of Glenfarclas 15yr I ordered from the UK (thank you, Master of Malt!) I have finally made time to sit down with the 21yr, and give it a proper review. I am very excited about this one!

Nose: Reminds me of Macallan 18yr Sherry Oak. Lively. Sweet sherry on the nose. Just a bit of nose tingle, and plenty of depth. Apple. Delicious, ripe, Honeycrisp apples. Some Werther's Original, toffee candy. A hint of tart, unripe fruit, maybe a sour grape? It is activating my saliva glands in my mouth, making it water! I can't wait any longer, I MUST taste it! (Maybe a bit like Glenrothes 1998?)

Palate: Wow! Candy apple. Butterscotch candies. Spicy. Delicious. Very good. I want another sip. Maybe a bit spirited.

Finish: Long, with a bit of burn. The tongue tingles with some spicy notes. Honestly, not the best finish.

Is this really a 21yr Scotch? I think I like the 15yr moreso than this. The nose is excellent, and the palate is delicious, but the finish is leaving a bit to be desired. The sherry is nearly completely missing from the finish.


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LeFrog wrote:

@jwise I think it's a tough one to call between the 15 and the 21 but I would edge to the 21. It s great value for money for a whisky of that age.

28 February 2011 10:52

Nock wrote:

Love the review. I see you are using Master of Malt and wonder if you would mind answering a few questions for me?

17 May 2011 01:50

jwise wrote:

Ask away...

17 May 2011 02:03

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