Glenfiddich 15 Year old

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17th Jan 2016

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  • Nose: 23
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Tasting Notes by talexander

I was positive I must have reviewed this at some point, but it looks like I haven't - which is surprising as I've had bottles of this before. For many, the Glenfiddich 15 Year Old is solid daily dram. Unlike any other whisky in its range, this one is married in a huge Solera vat (from malt matured in European, American and new American oak) before being further matured in Portuguese oak tuns. I had the pleasure of drinking the malt right out of the Solera vat (which you have climb stairs to get to the top of) when I visited Glenfiddich a few years ago. This bottle was decanted about a month ago.

The colour is a medium gold. On the nose we have sweet malt, raisin, oak (with a touch of wood smoke), rich dark honey and overripe peaches. A touch of cinnamon and cloves - just a touch. Vanilla with a little bit of toffee. A drop of water (only a drop) brings out more barley sugar. The nose seems older than fifteen years.

On the palate, it's a little thin, but features dates, more toffee and much more clove. Honey. Baked apples. Ginger. Malt is kept in the background in favour of the cask influence; however, a drop of water brings it forward. Delicious.

The finish is spicier (and longer) than expected with some pepper, gentle oak and dark caramel. This is basically the distillery character in a nutshell; not as thin as the 12 year old but not as rich (and slightly overdone) as the 18 year old. Of course, many limited and luxury bottlings are, I am sure, better, but you cannot go wrong with this one. A solid (and affordable) daily dram. I don't score this as highly as Jim Murray (who gives this a 94.5) but I can see why this one gets a lot of love from a lot of people.


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broadwayblue wrote:

Nice review. I've had a bottle of this sitting in my cabinet unopened for quite a while. The typical low 80s reviews didn't have me rushing to open it. Clearly you and Mr. Murray disagree, so I may have to put it on my short list of next bottles to open.

17 January 2016 18:19

MaltActivist wrote:

Top dram, this. My firm pick for a daily dram that ticks all the right boxes. Was at a Glenfiddich tasting the other days and this was brought out as a 'starter' - ended up being the most liked dram of the evening.

17 January 2016 18:22

jack09 wrote:

Your review is spot on. I agree that the only negative is the thin body. It feels a bit watery in the mouth. Otherwise, good nose, great flavor, decent finish.

18 January 2016 08:12

Victor wrote:

I like the flavours of the standard 15 yo fine, but I just can't get past the watery consistency.

18 January 2016 17:10

BlueNote wrote:

I like this one and I generally have a bottle around. No one would find anything to dislike about it other than its low ABV. It's a good dram that would become a killer dram at 46%. Although the flavour profile is completely different, I think the 15 year old Distillery Edition at 51% is a better buy for very little more money.

18 January 2016 22:22

Nozinan wrote:

I agree, it's too thin to satisfy.

18 January 2016 22:52

cricklewood wrote:

Loved the taste of this when I first opened it but the texture and ABV does really prevent it from being a stunner. Still a pretty good whisky and great way to get people into single malt. I believe I prefer the 14 rich oak to this but would need to do a head to head. I have yet to be able to get a bottle of Distillery edition.

19 January 2016 02:43

newreverie wrote:

Looking in my cabinet reviews I gave this an unofficial score of 88. Glenfiddich 15 was the scotch that got me liking scotch. Having sampled many more varieties since my first taste of the 15, I agree about the low ABV being a hindrance to this one excelling. I think the thinness moved my preference toward Glenmorangie who's bottlings tend to be above 45%.

I keep more bottles of Glenfiddich than any other distillery, I have 3-4 unoppened bottles of both the 15 and 18 that I was able to purchase at $45 and $80 respectively. For the money both are excellent drams. This review has gotten me thinking about my Cask of Dreams edition which seems to have significantly improved in the bottle. It is a 14yr American Oak bottled at 48.8%.

19 January 2016 13:27

BlueNote wrote:

I missed out on the Cask of Dreams when it was around. 48.8% is a nice ABV. I've been considering the Rich Oak, good price, but again, a paltry 40%.

19 January 2016 17:23

maltmate302 wrote:

This thread inspired me to open my bottle of Glenfiddich 15 Distillery Edition and do a H2H with the normal Glenfiddich 15. I really like the 15 but the DE is a completely different animal. The taste profiles are unsurprisingly similar but the extra strength really works well and turns a good scotch into a great whisky.If you like the 15 you'll absolutely love the DE.

20 January 2016 14:07

talexander wrote:

@maltmate302, that's absolutely true - my recollection is that it is even better than the standard 15.

20 January 2016 14:27

maltmate302 wrote:

@Talexander,I,like many people on this site,have never really had time for Glenfiddich (or Glenlivet) because of the uninspiring nature of their entry level whiskies.Even though I found Glenfiddich 15 much better than that 12 I was still reluctant to purchase any other expressions, mainly because of the thin mouthfeel.It took a glowing review from Victor for me to buy the DE and I'm so glad that I did. This and the Glenlivet Nadurra are now 2 of my favorite whiskies at a very affordable price. It makes me realize how good the whisky is from these two much maligned distilleries!

20 January 2016 15:58

talexander wrote:

Among connoisseurs like ourselves, both Glenfiddich and Glenlivet are totally underrated. The problem is, you have to seek out older expressions, limited releases or independent bottlings. Some great ones are Glenfiddich 30, Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix, Glenlivet XXV and there was a very good peated Glenfiddich (I can't remember the name) that I got in duty free once. I highly recommend a tour of Glenfiddich where you can bottle your own from the cask. I toured Glenlivet and it felt more like a giant factory - but I did get to taste some straight from a cask filled in the 1970s.

20 January 2016 16:02

BlueNote wrote:

Agreed @talexander, both of the big two are underrated by the malt snobs. If you visit Glenfiddich you get the added bonus of all the Balvenie offerings too. I, too highly recommend the G'Fiddich 15 DE which I also got on @Victor's recommendation.

20 January 2016 16:47

maltmate302 wrote:

I wonder if the peated Glenfiddich you were referring to was the 12 year old Caoran reserve , it's now been discontinued but there are still some bottles out there. I have yet to see an IB Glenfiddich and all the expressions over 21 years are very expensive for example the 25 is going for £595 but there are affordable Glenlivet IB's to be had.I think I'll turn my attention to one of those!

20 January 2016 17:19

talexander wrote:

@maltmate302, no it was a limited release - oh, I remember, it was called 125th Anniversary, in a gold box. Not crazy expensive but quite good. Don't recall the ABV.

20 January 2016 17:22

Victor wrote:

One of you Canadian or Welsh boys might have to buy me a bottle of Glenfiddich 15 DE. I haven't seen it in my area in 3 or 4 years. I love the stuff.

20 January 2016 17:26

talexander wrote:

@Victor, I would be happy to - there are a few here and there in Toronto. Prince is $CDN87 ($US60) I would just need to figure out when / how to get it to you!

20 January 2016 17:30

Victor wrote:

@talexander, thank you very much! Sold! You know I will be up there again eventually, based upon 6 Toronto visits in the last 4 years.

20 January 2016 17:39

talexander wrote:

OK I'll let you know when I have it.

20 January 2016 17:43

maltmate302 wrote:

@Victor if I could get it to you I would, the supply is plentiful in the UK, it's even sold in the major supermarkets. I feel frustrated for you that drams like the DE and Glenfarclas 15 are unavailable in the US.

20 January 2016 18:29

Victor wrote:

@maltmate302, thank you. You are very kind to offer.

We often have to hustle a bit to obtain some of the whiskies we want which are hard to find.

20 January 2016 19:05

newreverie wrote:

I just looked up reviews and there appears to only be two reviews on cask of dreams. And only one of substance

I agree with this review completely. I do not find the sweetness to be a hindrance or overbearing - especially given the higher proof. I'd score it in the low 90s

21 January 2016 14:56

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