Glengoyne 17 year old

A cheaper version of Glenlivet 18

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4th Sep 2013

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Tasting Notes by MisterDigger

I could not pass this up when I saw a bottle of this for only $58 US. Basically, the sweetness and sherry without smoke remind me of a Glenlivet 18, but at about $30 US less. The only problem is this one is hard to find and I understand that this 17 YO will no longer be bottled. If you find a bottle at a good price and you want a sherried malt that is inoffensive, give this one a try.

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teebone673 wrote:

Nice review. Good comparison. I picked up a bottle of this the other night. At first sip I was immediately impressed. I was then trying to compare it to another malt. You nailed it with Glenlivet 18. Sweetness and some sherry, though not too much sherry. I find with the Glengoyne 17 I notice the wood spice a little more than in the Glenlivet 18, but both are outstanding and are a good comparison. Thanks for the review.

04 September 2013 12:42

MisterDigger wrote:

Teebone673: Thanks for the feedback. I am absolutely terrible at writing tasting notes, but very good at comparing each new malt to one that I have already tried. I never did buy a whole bottle of Glenlivet 18 because, as my review said, there are similar ones that are cheaper. Glengoyne 17 is as close as it gets. My memory is VERY good, which explains the comparison. I can think about a Caol Ila 12 and almost taste it without even having any.

04 September 2013 23:19

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