Glenlivet Master Distillers Reserve

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8th Feb 2012

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Tasting Notes by trainingwheels

This is the first Single Malt I ever purchased for myself. I got it after tasting it at the duty free in Heathrow. So, I guess it makes sense that this will be my first review.

Since I am new at this, I will include the Glenlivet's write up with my own comments. Enough preamble: lets get to it!

The color:

Distillery - Bright gold

Training Wheels - Goldish orange, like a good orange marmalade. Deeper in color than 12 yo Glenmorgangie.

The Nose:

Distillery - Full and Bursting with ripe fruity pear and soft fudge, 'incredibly sweet and smooth.

Training Wheels - Sweetness and oranges are the first things I notice. There is a warm, gentle spice scent that becomes more noticible when you add a drop or two of water. Pear and a mild apple comes through as more of means to deliver the spice, than as a distinct scent. Mulled cider comes to mind. Mulled orange juice anyone?


Distillery - Fruity pear with spicy orange with a spicy marmalade tang. Slightly dry.

Training Wheels - The mulled apple and orange cider taste really stands out. The spices are really mild, and orange comes out more than the orange to spice balance suggested in the nose. As I move it around my mouth, there is something about the sensation that makes the scotch seem heavier and 'lumpier' than it is. The marmalade analogy is very apt. As a texture guy, this is a very nice bonus.


Distillery - Marzipan and Hazelnuts

Training Wheels - There is a mild pepper finish; think of how a strong Shiraz finishes for you wine drinkers out there.

Conclusion- If you like sweet and mildly spicy, this scotch is right up your alley. As a new whisky drinker, this was a good choice to start my walk in whisky. I really enjoy this scotch, and I would buy it again, but it is not the nicest I have ever had. On that basis I give it an 85.

I look forward to hearing your comments, on the review and the whisky.


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