Glenmorangie 10 Year old - Original

Raisins and Candy Suigar

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14th Jan 2012

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

The old 10 Year Old got redesigned after Louis Vuitton Moët Hennesy, the French company known for luxury goods, took over. This is their entry level malt. It matured for 10 years on American oak. The wood is harvested in the forests of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, owned by the distillery. The Original is Glenmorangie’s only release bottled at 40% ABV.

The nose differs quite a bit from the old version. Vanilla, toffee, honey: all three return. So Dr Lumsden did his homework. But I get some more fruit here: apples, pears and some berries. A bit creamier than the old one, too. Caramel as well. Much better.

The attack is the middle between weak and creamy. Sweet and spicy (ginger and nutmeg). I get the fruit from the nose again, but also caramel, raisins and candy sugar! This might even be labelled complex (sorry, but after the old 10 I was not expecting this). Towards the end, I also get almonds and cloves. A layered whisky.

In the finish I get some Apple cider and pepper. Medium in length and pleasant.

This is clearly the entry level malt from Glenmorangie and hence easily obtainable in your local supermarket for less than 30 EUR. It is much better than the older version.


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