Glenmorangie Finealta

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7th Jan 2012

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Tasting Notes by Vinodiuz

After this saturday with Autumn elements on the Winter season, I took for my Nightsleep rest a good dram from again yes...the great Glenmorangie, this time the fantastic Finealta.

This wonderful piece of Art, is kind different than other Glenmorangie's. The nose telling me that there are some minty notes, woody and a bit smoke in it, with some citrus in it on a far distance. The taste brings the old flavours of Glenmorangie above, but different in a kind of way. Bit spicy, orange fruits, sweet sugary alike, like the other fabulous creations of Glenmorangie. But the finsh is long with smoke, woody and floral elements in it.

Again a higly recommended dram! Hopefully you can find a bottle, I know that this fantastic whisky is rare and hard to get these days.

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Jean-Luc wrote:

Nice notes. I've never tried this but will add it to my wish list. Sláinte!

07 January 2012 23:51

Vinodiuz wrote:

Goodafternoon Jean-Luc,

Yes, it is a very great dram this Finealta, quite different than the other Glenmorangie's. It have some smokey elements in it, very nice.

I hope that you can find a bottle, cause the Finealta is hard to get. Let me know if you get one!


08 January 2012 14:58

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