Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

ruby port

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12th Jan 2016

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  • Nose: 20
  • Taste: 20
  • Finish: 17
  • Balance: 20

The average score for this whisky is 84.

Tasting Notes by Angelmonster

Appearance is honey-orange in color, theres thick, long, slow running legs also. Lots of peat on the nose, sweet honey, tangerine, peppery alcohol in the finish. Smoky peat hits the taste buds hard, honey tries to balance out peat. Getting faint citrus peel flavor, slighty nutty finish. Alcohol is present but rather smooth. Finish is slightly astringent, stings the tongue, but ends sweet. Overall this whisky is fairly balanced, a nice mix of smoke, sweetness, and alcohol.


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Alexsweden wrote:

Thank you for an interesting review. As far as I can remember I found no smoke at all in this, a good reason to have it again. I can remember I thoroughly enjoyed it!

12 January 2016 08:06

maltmate302 wrote:

@Alexsweden I'm the same as you,I can't taste any peat at all on any Glenmorangie. So I just checked online and apparently it is peated ,but to less than 2ppm.I can't taste it at that level, my palete isn't refined enough!

12 January 2016 10:18

Nozinan wrote:

I think this review is of a whisky completely different from the Quinta Ruban I tried a few years ago and enjoyed

But for a real Port finish kick I usually turn to Amrut Portonova, which would eclipse this one any day.

12 January 2016 19:57

OlJas wrote:

Anglemonster, I like your review style. Unless I'm really trying to make a buying decision based on a review, I usually just skim the list of flavors the reviewer cites and carefully read only the commentary around it. But your narrative is interesting from start to finish (pun intended). Nice.

12 January 2016 20:15

Angelmonster wrote:

Thanks everyone for the comments, just getting into reviewing Scotchs after getting alittle tired of reviewing beer and bourbon. Idk how much their quinta rubans vary from batch to batch but I was surprised at how much peat I got compared to how little port finish there was. Will see if Portonova is available to me

21 January 2016 18:20

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