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Chocolate and whisky - together at last!

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Wheelock 404


16th Apr 2010

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Tasting Notes by Wheelock 404

I had a small window to sample one whisky at a friend's store recently and this was the one I wanted. This brand was my "gateway" to the world of malt, so it was a pilgrimage of sorts.

Being a Macallan and Highland Park fan,I find myself searching out that bold flavour profile and occasionally find some whiskies to be "understated" but this fit the bill.

It didn't come across as a flavour bomb, rather it was confident, warming and in absolute harmony with all of its internal elements.

I will be taking a bottle over to Vancouver Island to share with a friend who owns a craft brewery (it's not available in BC) and we can try it along with some fine chocolate malt-based ales.

I love my life :)


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jdcook wrote:

I've heard relatively good things about this dram, and I think my wife is looking at this a birthday present come July. Fingers crossed...

19 April 2010 11:09
Wheelock 404

Wheelock 404 wrote:

A mighty fine birthday present indeed! My own father's day list has grown since last year. I have hopes as well...

19 April 2010 16:58

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