Glenrothes Select Reserve

A summery every day speyside

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5th Jul 2010

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  • Nose: 22
  • Taste: 21
  • Finish: 20
  • Balance: 21

The average score for this whisky is 74.

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Tasting Notes by jdcook

This was a surprise birthday gift which I've had to leave alone because of a bad flu. I've been quietly thinking about getting myself a bottle for a little while, so I was quietly chuffed when it suddenly appeared before me in a most unexpected manner.

I have to admit I do like the clever cardboard packaging and the cute little tubby bottle is very distinctive on the shelf amongst my other bottles - it really draws the eye.

For a speyside dram, it's quite powerful on the nose. Toffee sweetness, tropical fruits, vanilla, citrus with a warm hint of buttery goodness holding it all together. Sitting with the glass in my lap I'm getting constant hits - really quite pleasant.

The taste starts gently, toffee sweetness, complemented by some cracked pepper and a hint of mint. After a few moments an adroit wave of citrus and forest fruits with a warming spicy note rolls over the top leaving my mouth slightly dry, and my tongue tingling.

The finish is warm and spicy, but fades through ripe fruits and citrus finishing with a lingering note of toffee.

I'd heard mixed things about this, and I get the impression that there is a bit of variation between bottles, but I was genuinely impressed with this one. It's not in the pantheon of the greats, but is more than decent. Easy to drink, and nice to savour. Sweet and light, but not simple. A perfect Summer every day dram!

Tossing up between an 8 and an 8.5 for this one, but after finishing the glass, i found myself genuinely wanting another. It surprised me how much I liked it, so 8.5 it is.

Thanks Dave, I really appreciated this one!


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LeFrog wrote:

This was much better than I thought it would be. nice dram.

05 July 2010 16:37

jdcook wrote:

Yeah, I was surprised at how much I wanted a second one. Very pleasant. And your comment on a previous review of the select reserve was correct - this one is the one where they are trying to be a little more consistent. If they can keep it up to this standard, they will have done very well!

06 July 2010 04:08

AboutChoice wrote:

I've got the 1991 distillation, which I didn't care for 6 months ago. But lately I've been enjoying a newly discovered viscous brown sugar nose and palate with just a pleasant hint of peat, and a good finish. I like this more as I get to know it ... as evidenced by the bottle now being only half full.

06 July 2010 05:30

jdcook wrote:

@AboutChoice - sweetness seems to be something of a catchword for Glenrothes, and that's not to everyone's tastes (I don't have a sweet tooth myself - I enjoy savoury much more). Add that to some inconsistent bottlings, and I've found that whenever I go looking to buy a new dram, I nearly always find myself steering towards something else. But they will be getting significantly more consideration from now on - I enjoyed this one quite a lot!

06 July 2010 09:37

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