Greenore 8 Year old

irish Grain done well

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8th Mar 2012

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Tasting Notes by galg

Nose: Banana, some wood varnish , Acetone, also some grassy stuff going on here. it’s less sweet than the Tyrconell ,some bourbon notes, also a lot of vanilla. not surprising . Palate: Vanilla fudge, wood as in sawdust, sweet bourbony , some fennel , ginger and wee bits of nutmeg. Finish: medium. apples, wood.

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Young Sauternes



markjedi1 wrote:

I am very fond of this Greenore. I always have a bottle in my cabinet (apart from the closed bottles - I have the whole range - which I collect). It is the only Irish single grain on the market, if I'm not mistaken. And a very good one. The brand was recently sold to Jim Beam Inc, but the people at Cooley have promised they will keep producing this wonderful spirit.

08 March 2012 12:40

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