Highland Park Earl Magnus Edition One 15 Year Old

Not a characteristic HP, but an ACE

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22nd Jun 2010

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Tasting Notes by galg

Nose : Honey lemon meringue some marshmallow. Oak spices on the background.With water the oaky Notes are more evident. This is far more lemony than the 12,Hjarta and 18 i’ve tasted recently. (and more like the 15 year old, well it's 15 year old too, hm...) Less of the sherry notes are there, It's like a HP stripped out of it's sherry, i didn't expect that! .Smoke is also there but more distant, to be revealed more bluntly in the palate.

Palate : Oily. Big drying palate. Citrusy. The Smoke then enters the mouth coating it with a greater intesnity than i had expected which is rather nice. Some earthy peat with damp soil. Spice. Pepper. Ginger. very complex.Yumm. Indeed a great palate. Not a classic HP palate at all.

Finish :Long on smoke, oat bread and a spicy tingle. Some bitterness, and wee smoke.

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Jean-Luc wrote:

very nice review @galg, is this still readily available?

22 June 2010 14:48

LeFrog wrote:

Added to my wishlist

22 June 2010 14:50

galg wrote:

it's not. it was sold out in days. only 5900 bottles, so i am afraid all are gone, most will never be opened by collectors. fancy a sample? ;)

22 June 2010 14:51

galg wrote:

Lefrog, i doubt you can get a bottle now. but there are future 'magnus' related releases this year if i am not mistaken.

22 June 2010 14:52

markjedi1 wrote:

I was lucky enough to secure one of these. I haven't tried it yet, but do plan to, especially after this enticing review. Thanks, Galg!

23 June 2010 08:17

Carlito wrote:

Just got in two days ago in liquor stores in the province of Quebec' but it's going fast I think. To be honest, I got mine and opened it the same night with a friend of mine (couldn't resist but i now i'm thinking of getting a second one to keep...). The peperry-ginger finish is waht surprised me the most. Suprisingly smooth for the abv of 52%.

01 July 2010 14:48

robdoyle wrote:

I have bottle #1. And it is glorious. It is the prize in my collection. Unfortunately, it is down a quarter of its volume already... I will be putting it away soon, only to be brought out on rare occasions. I enjoyed another sip last night with a Romeo & Julieta 2009 Limited Edition 'The Duke' Cuban cigar. Wonderful pairing.

09 July 2010 16:20

Carlito wrote:

Are you referring to the label on the neck to know it's bottle number 1. If so, it's the same label on every bottle: http://scotchhobbyist.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/p1000523.jpg ... I was really excited at first too... Amazing bottle, I love it!

14 July 2010 18:45

robdoyle wrote:

Don't tell people! :). I saw another one but I still tell all of my friends I have bottle #1. If they don't have one, they'll believe you!

14 July 2010 19:24

dbk wrote:

I finally picked up a bottle my father was keeping for me. The packaging is a real stunner!

@robdoyle @Carlito, now that I can read the label for myself, I can see that HP has played a clever semantic trick. The label states "1 of 5,976" which would lead one to believe that mine is bottle #1. However, nowhere does it actually state that this is NUMBER 1, just "one of X bottles". I'm sure the misdirect is intentional; who could resist owning the very first bottle?

18 August 2010 17:51

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