Isle of Jura 10 Year old

Weird, but sort of endearing

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16th Jul 2015

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Tasting Notes by AndyC

Berfore this, the last time I bought a bottle of Jura 10, I got it for under £10, although it was on offer half price at that time (around 2004?). I remember half-regretting spending that £9.50 then, as I thought that it was completely characterless.

This bottle I have just bought is pretty nice, in an odd sort of way. It has quite a bit of character, although I am still not altogether convinced i like the Jura character. 40% is about right for it for me, as I don't want that Jura weirdness to be much more intense. I feel a bit the same about Bowmores. I don't think that higher alcohol content is always better in weird whiskies.

It tastes quite engineered, and somehow tastes like no whisky really should. Still, I don't regret spending quite a bit more on it this time. I'm also hoping that it will develop a bit, as the bottle of Superstition I bought a while back was pants when I first opened it, but opened up amazingly over the course of a week.

Anyway, not bad. Quite spicy and bold, with a bit of a pear drops style lurking in there. One that you drink just to try to work out what the slightly bizarre taste reminds you of. But I haven't got there yet!


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OlJas wrote:

"I don't think that higher alcohol content is always better in weird whiskies."

Nice comment.

16 July 2015 17:46

Victor wrote:

Hard not to like "strangeity" either....

16 July 2015 18:36

OlJas wrote:

And the palate is "Jura-like." Ha! This is the review that keeps on giving.

16 July 2015 20:59

Victor wrote:

And, "...tastes like no whisky really should."

16 July 2015 21:07

AndyC wrote:

What can I say? It's a truly sophisticated and connoisseurial review to match a truly sophisticated and connoisseurial whisky. I can see Jura expressions becoming a bit of a guilty pleasure. But I may end up with buyer's regret if I go down that route!

17 July 2015 00:39

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