Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon

The Only Bourbon I Need

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2nd May 2014

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Tasting Notes by bvburnes

I'm not much of a Bourbon guy, and had concluded a long time ago that I just don't like Bourbon. The style always seemed far too aggressive, rough, heavy-handed, and, lacking in subtly. I say "had" because tonight I had a "Bourbon Epiphany", and its name is Jefferson's Reserve Very Small Batch Bottle #2157 of 2400. This expression was unbelievably smooth. The nose was gorgeous with vanilla, and sweetened fruits. On the palate, I was amazed at the creamy smoothness. That, combined with the vanilla, made it quite reminiscent of the Redbreast 12 I had last year--one of my favorites! The alcohol was still forward a bit but not enough to distract or burn, just enough to remind us that I was, in fact, drinking a Bourbon. Even then, the alcohol burn hit me about mid-palate then stepped aside for a beautiful velvety and pleasantly long finish of vanilla and sweet fruits.

This will definitely by my go-to Bourbon from now on.


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