Lagavulin 12 Year Old Bot. 2014

Lagavulin In The Afternoon

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24th Oct 2015

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  • Nose: 21
  • Taste: 21
  • Finish: 22
  • Balance: 20

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Tasting Notes by talexander

Here we have last year's 12 Year Old - always a fun dram! Note that this bottle has been open for almost a year:

The colour is an extremely pale yellow. As you can imagine, there is very little oak on the nose; but we have heather, wet campfire, bandages, green apple skins and white pepper. Quite briny, with cereal notes. Maltier with water. The smoke is upfront but is a little acrid with a petrochemical scent. Interesting, and a little challenging.

On the palate this is fruitier than you might think - underripe apples and bananas, lemon juice, pear and orange pith. Rather acidic. More medicinal notes - bandages and antiseptic. Prickly and peaty. I like it but for some reason, I don't love it - needs something to bring it down to earth. Water helps tie it together but still needs some balance.

The finish is mouth drying, full of salt-and-pepper, citrus and more cereal. I remember liking other editions more, but this is totally fine for a peathead like myself. A little goes a long way though - pour yourself a smaller dram than you might otherwise.


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12 Year Old Bot. 2014







Cunundrum wrote:

I agree with this rating. Tasted the 2014 recently and it did not impress. I am a peathead for sure but not merely for the sake of strong lackluster smoke with less than impressive depth and complexity. This bottle costs $138 in my state. Price is a factor for me as well

24 October 2015 20:14

talexander wrote:

I have an issue with the price of this annual bottling. I know it is cask strength and comes out in limited quantities, but if memory serves there were over 13,000 of this one and given it's youth it should be a lot cheaper.

25 October 2015 14:07

Victor wrote:

@talexander, that's good old Diageo pricing, for you.

I'm always sorry to hear about weaker editions of what should be a stellar whisky. Sounds OK for sure, but way too expensive to chase it down. That's 2 bottles of Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength or 3 bottles of Ardbeg 10 or standard Laphroaig 10, for that price here.

25 October 2015 14:32

Cunundrum wrote:

I just bought another 006 for the apocalypse bunker. Zombies or not ;)

25 October 2015 21:18

indynoir wrote:

This has been regularly reviewed as one of the strongest 12's since 2009 or 2010. I have the 12, 13, & this 14. I prefer the 14 to the others, it seems like the least rich and fruitiest of the bunch. I think it's reasonably priced at $100 but I've come to realize these big hot peppery whisky's balanced with the acidic lemon citrus are not everyone's thing. Very nice review, I tasted much the same, seems I enjoyed it a little more.

01 November 2015 04:41

talexander wrote:

Thanks @indynoir! Yes, I liked it a lot - just didn't love it.

02 November 2015 14:38

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