Lagavulin 16 Year old

Islay is Delicious

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11th Dec 2015

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  • Nose: 20
  • Taste: 25
  • Finish: 23
  • Balance: 22

The average score for this whisky is 90.

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Tasting Notes by Freedomtoast

I started off not really liking peat. To the point that this was the one whisky I needed ice for. But after half a bottle of drinking this Scotch with ice, I had been converted to that peaty goodness and I must say, it is truly delicious.

The nose of this whisky is hard to describe because of the overwhelming amount of peat, but on the tongue it is a savory treat that is overflowing with smoky flavor that reminds me of jerky. There is something truly special about this Scotch despite the lack of "refinement" of its profile compared to those finished in Sherry casks and the like.

To me this Scotch may not have the subtle intricacies of others but it makes up for it in sheer amount of body and how full it is in flavor. There is no better whisky to enjoy by a fire while smoking a cigar.


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OlJas wrote:

Nice. It sounds like this was your first peaty bottle, but was it also the first peaty whisky you ever had, period? Lagavulin 16 is usually considered one of the most refined peaters, so I wonder how you perceived it relative to its Islay brethren.

11 December 2015 18:26

Freedomtoast wrote:

This was my first bottle of such heavily peated whisky, not my first introduction to peat at all. There are plenty of Scotches with a mild peat in the profile. I have also had Laphraoig and some others and yes, Lagavulin is more mature. However, my ability to pick out distinct aromas and flavors like I can in a Macallan, Hibiki, or Glendronach is fairly nonexistent with this whisky. That's not to say those subtleties aren't there, I can tell its a fantastically well rounded dram. I only meant that relative to my usual choice in whiskies it seems more of a rock concert than a symphony to make a poor analogy.

19 January 2016 04:14

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