Laphroaig Cairdeas 2015 200th Anniversary for Friends of Laphroaig

Bacon versus Apple

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6th Nov 2015

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

Cairdeas means ‘friendship’ in Gaelic, so this is a well-chosen name for the Feis Ile bottlings. This time it is the so-called 200th Anniversary Edition (after all, the distillery was founded in 1815), especially for the friends of Laffie. I heard through the grapevine that it is a distillate from August 2003, making it 12 years old.

The nose begins on loads of smoke and the typical medicinal touches, followed by fruit. Think apples and pears, but also lime and blood oranges. Some herbal hints as well. Grass and hay. Some earthy notes. Honey and smoked ham. Vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt. What a wonderful nose.

It is quite creamy on the palate. And rich. Phew! Sweet ashes, white fruit, vanilla and salt going head to head. Some nuts as well. Bacon versus apple, both on the BBQ. Nice!

The finish is nicely smoky on loads of citrus and spices.

Wonderful Laffie. Originally this bottle was available at the distillery for around 90 EUR. Today you’ll need to fork over at least twice that (I even saw it for 250 EUR in one shop, which is outrageous). Sad, is it not? Thanks for the sample to The Green Man!

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Cairdeas 2015 200th Anniversary for Friends of Laphroaig







mscottydunc wrote:

Thanks for the review Mark. Somehow the LCBO here in Canada managed to get this in and sold it for $99 CDN. Glad I picked up two bottles as it sounds like this is quickly becoming an expensive bottling!

06 November 2015 17:28

OlJas wrote:

Are they all the same? This is absolutely spilling off the shelves at numerous retailers here in Madison, WI (USA). And everyone's charging $75-78 USD.

I already bought one and stashed antoher; maybe I should go back for more. I do really like it and it seems to me like the REAL anniversary bottling, rather than the 15.

06 November 2015 22:23

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