Laphroaig 18 Year old

Peat fire at low tide

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27th Jan 2016

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  • Nose: 24
  • Taste: 25
  • Finish: 24
  • Balance: 24

The average score for this whisky is 90.

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Tasting Notes by Uisgebetha

I have read recently, probably on this web site, that this expression of Laphroaig is to be discontinued, I hope not. There must be a market for it, although if enough NAS bottlings are selling at similar prices why bother maintaining age statement expressions?

Enough pontificating, the whisky is blonde in colour with an emphatic nose full of peat smoke, lightly smoked haddock, some hints of bitter black coffee, cocoa, and given time all sorts of aromas waft in and out of the peat, from vanilla, cinnamon, raisons, some herbal notes and aniseed.

On the palate there is a wonderful juicy full bodied sweetness to this malt which really contrasts and compliments the rich peat smoke, peat and sea salt. Swirl it in the glass and start to delve further and cocoa, malt, seaweed, some spicy notes and something fruity that I can’t put a name have appeared to me over a number of tastings.

The finish is heralded by some nuts (almonds and pecans) which welcome in more bitter flavours of chocolate, coffee, but the main theme remains spade fulls of peat smoke and sea salt which fade drying all the while.

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Jules wrote:

Still haven't tried this... really have to get round to it. My issue is that I seem to find any Laffy older than 16yrs to lose it's 'Laffiness'. If that makes any sense :-

28 January 2016 07:43

Uisgebetha wrote:

I take laffiness in this context to mean the medicinal phenolic character(?). The 18y is certainly smoother than younger expressions I've tried, but there are compensations in the flavour development. The 1/4 cask is my preferred Laffy, smoother than the 10 and cheaper than the 18.

28 January 2016 10:24

Jules wrote:

Smoked salmon, camphor, kippers... aaah

Sorry, I drifted off. Yes, that is what I meant :-)

28 January 2016 12:17

BlueNote wrote:

One of my favourites. I have 2 bunkered and would grab some more before it's gone, but the price is getting pretty stiff where I live. It's kind of Laphroaig's equivalent to Bowmore's Laimrig, ie one of their very best and most accessible expressions. Most credible reviewers put this in the 90s. Thanks for the excellent review.

29 January 2016 17:56

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