Tullibardine Sovereign

Stewed Pears

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12th May 2015

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

Several months ago we tried the new finishes by Tullibardine: the 225 Sauterness, 288 Burgundy and 500 Sherry. It contained a finished version of their entry level malt which got the beautiful name Sovereign. Thanks to a sample from my friend Pat, I can now try said entry level malt. It matured solely on bourbon barrels.

The nose is soft and accessible on loads of malt and breakfast cereals. Vanilla pudding. Some stewed pears. Hint of white chocolate. Not much else, though.

Surprisingly creamy on the palate with the same taste as the aroma. Pears and malt. Some apples kick in. A bit spicy. Ginger, pepper and some mint. Mildly floral. But all of it soft and not very outspoken.

In the short finish some nuts appear and the ginger becomes very loud.

An aperitif whisky, if you ask me. Nothing that jumps out, but I cannot fault it either. Thanks, Pat!

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