Longmorn 15 Year Old

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10th Aug 2015

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Tasting Notes by Cunundrum

This whisky is overrated in my opinion. You don't see many reviews of it any longer, but I was fairly unimpressed by it; then again, I'm not a huge Speyside drinker.

Nose: Floral and fruity overtones mix with mellow oak and some pleasant grain-driven esoterica.

Mouth: Honey, nougat, toasted barley, English muffin toast, alcohol flair, pasture butter.

Finish: Not terribly long, nor is it short. A kind of metallic tinge? New Orleans Beignet with extra powdered sugar. The oak comes through and catches the sweet overtones with a slight bitterness but it is not overpowering.

The above metaphors seem agreeable enough. But does this whisky deserve to the be Number Ten on the Connosr Highest Rated List?

Certainly not. It is smooth and creamy but not terribly exceptional in my book.

The fact that Longmorn 15 is rated so highly today is a testament to the quality of old style locally sourced and locally managed whisky making as compared with the newer corporate style of whisky making.

I miss the old days when Scottish people owned most of the distilleries in Scotland and multinationals did not call the shots like stock brokers tending their portfolios.


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hunggar wrote:

@Conundrum, great review. It seems you and I gave this one the same score, and we're also the only two people on this site to have scored it under 90.

I think there are a few reasons this has become such a legend.

  1. Old school charm.
  2. Being replaced by an older yet lesser whisky (how counter-intuitive!).
  3. Seeing the 15's minimalist bottle replaced by the 16's over-stylized pomp.
  4. Having the brand charge more for said lesser whisky.
  5. It's gone, so we suddenly all like it more (no?).
  6. The 15 was damn good.

These are all solid points, and like you I think it's good. 88 is not a bad score at all. But personally speaking, I agree that this is not one of the 10 finest whiskies to be had. Aside from the bump up in age, I think this embodies many things that we don't like about the direction the industry is taking, so it's become kind of a poster-child.

No offense intended to those that scored it higher. I'm sure a lot of people found this to be brilliant without any bias at all.

10 August 2015 11:59

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