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19th Apr 2015

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Tasting Notes by masterj

I have tried both regular Maker's Mark and Maker 46 and have found both to be average and nothing special. Then Maker's released the cask strength and I was surprised at how good it turned out to be.

Nose: Initially is rather off putting, has a permanent marker smell. The alcohol is sharp so let it breath for awhile. Afterward you get black cherry cola, vanilla, dried fruit, citrus (tangerine/grapefruit). After it breaths for a good 10min you get burnt sugar, custard, molasses.

Taste: This is big bourbon so proceed with caution. Initially your senses are overwhelmed by big wood, heat, and tannins. The spice is strong as well but, its surprisingly sweet in such a good way that makes you pucker and, after awhile, it starts to behave and show off. The flavor profile evolves as you drink it. A delicious cherry tart comes out beautifully on the palate, as does sweet juices of tangerine, sour grapefruit, raisins, and sweet wood. I tend to especially enjoy this cherry tartness that hits the palate.

Finish: Finishes like it starts, sweet, woody, with good heat, and the tannins that coat your tongue and leave it with that textured grip sensation.

I tend to like a dram that's an experience and Maker's Mark has provided one with this CS release. A word of caution, your millage may vary. My bottle was batch 14-01 ds-gm-ab-nk-lm-dn.


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