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Maker's Mark CS 55.8% Batch 15-02

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2nd Jun 2015

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Tasting Notes by Victor

Maker's Mark bourbons are made using wheat as the "flavoring grain" instead of rye. There is No Age Statement on Maker's Mark Cask Strength. By US law, with straight bourbon, you assume that the age of any no age statement release is 4 years old. The reviewed sample, from Batch # 15-02, is thanks to @Nock. My best recollection is that the bottle has been open for about 2 months and is about 70% or a little more full

Strength: very good but not excellent strength of flavours. Score 22/25 points

Quality: the flavours, really just wheat and wood, are of very good but not outstanding quality. The flavours of Maker's Mark Cask Strength are more refined than they are for standard Maker's Mark. Score 23/25 points

Variety: "Where's the beef?" This Maker's Mark Cask Strength is remarkably narrow in its band of available flavours, perhaps even more so than they are for standard Maker's Mark. This gives a rather thin effect, even at 55.8% abv. You taste the wheat here, in a rarified form, and, as with standard Maker's Mark, the wood flavours are there, but neither pronounced nor broad. Score 20/25 points

Harmony: the flavours get along ok, but you just wish there were more of them, and that they were thicker and richer. Score 21/25 points

Comment: I expected more here. Usually I find Maker's Mark 46 more interesting than I did this Maker's Mark Cask Strength. This bottle is rather thin and narrow in its flavours


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Victor wrote:

What is lacking here are bass notes from wood. The pitches of this bottle of Maker's Mark CS are mostly medium pitch, with a few high notes. What is present from the wood is ok, but it is limited, too limited. The grain flavours are good enough, but not excellent. The overall effect is rather astringent and a bit too limited in range.

02 June 2015 03:31

talexander wrote:

Very interesting - still, I'm dying to try it.

02 June 2015 04:16

Victor wrote:

@talexander, yes, it is a very good idea to sample the whiskey for yourself.

02 June 2015 04:56

Nozinan wrote:

well, there's always next year....?

02 June 2015 05:53

Frost wrote:

@Victor thank you for the review. I seldom get to try cask strength American whiskey down here.

02 June 2015 11:46

DaveM wrote:

Thanks Victor, I was thinking about purchasing the Maker's Mark Cask Strength for my nephew but I think I will hold off.

02 June 2015 17:44

Nock wrote:

I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it is missing bass notes, it is rather astringent, and limited in range.

I wish I enjoyed this bottle more. Who knows, maybe some time in the back of the cabinet will help.

12 August 2015 00:35

Nozinan wrote:

A friend in Seattle has said he will grab me one of these...hopefully he'll come visit in the next half year or so. for $70 US it doesn't seem too bad to give it a try.

21 March 2016 04:31

talexander wrote:

I managed to get a bottle in December while in NYC - haven't opened it yet though...

21 March 2016 12:24

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