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4th Jul 2015

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

Maker's Mark is one of the most recognizable bourbons on the market because of the typical square bottle and the red wax. The bottle has been on the market like this since 1958. In 2013 the producer decided to bottle the bourbon at a lower ABV of 42% instead of the regular 45% for fear of depleting the stocks. This was met by a storm of protest from the consumers that the company reversed the decision within a week. We will try the regular Maker’s Mark, a bourbon that stands out as no rye is added to the mash bill, but wheat!

The nose offers warm and sweet notes of caramel, honey and dried orange peel. Loads of cinnamon. You can actually smell the wheat (unless that is just in my head). Nothing earth shattering, but quite alright.

It is round and creamy on the palate. Good mouth feel. Not too light, but not to syrupy either (which I sometimes have with bourbon). Sweet on crème brûlée with vanilla and caramel in the lead. Mild hints of nuts as well. Some apple pie? Coconut! Some citrus and cherries. I like it.

In the medium long finish it suddenly turns very dry and allows the spices a voice once more.

Flawless, but common bourbon. Probably quite good in a cocktail because of the sweet softness. For those among us with a sweet tooth. Boy, sweet indeed! Thanks, Pat!

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mct wrote:

Excellent review! Would buy this one from now on instead of the evan williams.

Is the red wax the flagship bottle of maker's mark?

10 July 2015 05:40

markjedi1 wrote:

@mct, I believe it is their flagship, yes.

10 July 2015 07:04

Pete1969 wrote:

They do 2 higher end products a cask strength normally in a 35ml bottle at the same price as regular and Makers 46 which has been further matured with toasted oak staves added into the barrel to finish. Have not tried either yet as hard to find in UK but I am a fan of the original.

10 July 2015 07:30

paddockjudge wrote:

Maker's 46 is worth the couple of extra dollars, shows what a huge contribution some good oak can make.

11 July 2015 04:10

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