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12th Jan 2011

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Tasting Notes by Victor

Intro: McClelland's Islay label is whisky produced at the Bowmore distilleries on Islay. The McClelland's Islay Single Malt Whisky is listed at 5 years old.

Nose: Medicinal, moderate peat, some sea salts

Taste: good strong flavour. Like the nose, the taste is also medicinal, peaty, and salty.

Finish: there is a long finish, with the peat, especially hanging on.

Balance: For a 5 year old malt, this has a lot of character. This is thoroughly drinkable, wears well, and is definitely good enough to look forward to drinking. I would encourage those who already like Bowmore products to give this one a try. The quality is rather good, and the value for the money is exceptional.


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michaelschout wrote:

I'm glad you posted this review because I was at the LCBO today browsing around and I saw this and was wondering what distillery it was from. Now that I know it's from Bowmore I might have to try it out, especially because it's so cheap.

13 June 2011 19:52

ryanthesculptor wrote:

Hear, Hear. I had the exact same experience yesterday at the liquor store and did not buy it fearing it would not be good despite the price. This is the real value of sites like this for people who are new to whisky. Now I will buy it knowing it is a reasonable example without having to spend $50 to $100.

27 November 2011 18:15

Victor wrote:

For everyday drinking this is definitely pleasant enough. Sure, the older Bowmores are more sophisticated than is this five year old McClelland's Islay. In this and in all of my reviews, I rate on my drinking experience only, and do not look down on a product because it is inexpensive or young. It is worth noting that Jim Murray currently rates this malt at 88/100 pts.

27 November 2011 19:25

ppelletier wrote:

Thanks for the good review. I own this bottle and it helped me know a little more about it.

18 February 2013 18:22

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