Midleton Green Spot Single Pot Still

House On Greenapple Road

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19th Jan 2016

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  • Nose: 22
  • Taste: 20
  • Finish: 19
  • Balance: 20

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Tasting Notes by Rantavahti

Green Spot is a Single Pot Still Irish whiskey matured in first fill and re-fill bourbon casks and sherry casks. Coming from New Midleton Distillery (which makes Redbreast), I had high hopes tasting this at Irish whiskey tasting in our local whisky community.

Somehow this dram didn’t rock my boat as much as I had thought. Probably too young for this kind of palate, a bit rough. Green Spot is like a TV movie, having few moments of glory, but at time to time, being a bit dull.

Full of green fruits, felt like I was tasting it on a House On Greenapple Road.

Nose: Hints of sherry and green apples. Apricot in a perfume kinda way, the aromas are delicate. Sugared barley notes.

Taste: Green fruits like apples and (raw) pears, and some rubber notes. Water brings out nice toffee.

Finish: Quick, with spices and bitter notes, hints of oak with small amounts of vanilla.

Balance: The nose makes a lot more promises, than the actual taste gives. Not a bad dram but too delicate for my taste and a bit one-sided. Have to keep in mind, that these tasting notes are based on only one sample, though. Probably a full, oxidated bottle of this might chance the score over time.


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Victor wrote:

Interesting. Do try Green Spot a few more times, when you get the chance. I've never found it delicate, and I've always liked it a lot.

19 January 2016 19:33

Rantavahti wrote:

Yes, I have to try it again. I really feel like a bottle of this opened, resting in the cabinet, would give different results than a freshly opened bottle at a tasting. For me the nose felt delicate, it was hard to get aromas from it. Taste and aftertaste were more powerful, yet bit dull. But based on 2-3 cl sample, my review is not the most reliable even for myself...

21 January 2016 05:52

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