Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Whisky

From Red Bull and Vodka to Malt Whisky In One Easy Step

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17th Feb 2010

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Tasting Notes by Kalekas

Again, I apologise for a non standard review. I could strain to identify notes, and florals, and God knows what else in my favourite whiskies, but I remember the occasion for a dram longer than the precise mouth feel of a particular whisky.

I have a special place in my regard for Monkey Shoulder - a vatted malt (I hear sharp indraws of breath) - for one reason alone: it weaned a good friend off his, until then, favoutite tipple, Red Bull and Vodka and moved him on to guid scottish whusky. I knew the bottle would attract him, with it's three cheeky monkeys with tails entwined and I needed a trendy looking product to entice him away from the God-awful aforementioned. The MS worked its magic, and a shared bottle of whisky down, he swore off the dreaded RB&V. Actually, it wasn't bad; in fact Jim Murray rates it highly. It wouldn't be to my taste now (I'd prefer an Islay) but for old times' sake I'll have a glass of it if I see it in a bar. Slaint Mhath!

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