North British 48 Year Old 1963 Signatory for La Maison du Whisky

Bourbon Rum

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8th Oct 2014

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

North British was founded in 1885 by, among others, Andrew Usher, who is considered to be the father of the blend. You can find North British west of the capital of Edinburgh. It produces some 65 million litres of spirit per annum. There are no official bottlings, but indies with North British under their belt are innumerable. This bottling by Signatory was released exclusively for La Maison du Whisky. It is a whopping 48 years old.

The nose is soft and creamy on dark fruit and candied sugar. In that regard, it holds the middle between the better bourbon and a magnificent rum. Hazelnuts and some coconuts on the one hand, banana and tobacco on the other. Surprising scents of the forrest. Both caramelized apple and pineapple on the grill. This is grand and inviting.

It is creamy and full of flavor on the palate. Banana liqueur is the first thing that comes to mind, followed by pineapple. Then the tobacco kicks in, upholstered with some woodspice and a leaf of mint. Loads of caramel. Some cardamom and maybe even some cinnamon.

The finish is very long and spicy, honeysweet and makes you want another shot. It leaves the mouth completely dry.

Oh, my! Those who think no grain can compete with a single malt should try this bottle. Mighty dram!

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North British


48 Year Old 1963 Signatory for La Maison du Whisky




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