North Port Brechin 24 Year Old 1975 Signatory

Mashed Potatoes

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3rd Aug 2013

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

Signatory bottled this North Port whisky in their so-called Vintage Collection, meaning cask strength, in this case a whopping 61,1% ABV. It is very pale, despite the fact that it matured on a sherry cask. Refill means that the cask already has been used for three or even four cycles.

The nose is somewhat dirty. Apart from mineral elements (grass, wet rocks, gyproc), I mostly get mashed potatoes. With loads of butter and an egg in the mix. Lots of garden herbs, too. Only then do I get some sweetness in the form of honey and grains. Becomes sweeter all the time and develops nicely. But it needs time.

A bit oily on the palate with a fierce spicy kick to the teeth. Pepper, (a lot of) salt, liquorice. Powerful attack, really. Some apples and hints of pears. Nice smokiness, too. The tannins take care of a slight bitterness that keeps things in balance. This is good!

The finish is very long, salty and bitter at the same time and leaves the mouth medium dry.

A very pleasant surprise, but I do not believe this one is still around. Thanks, Bert!

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24 Year Old 1975 Signatory





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