Old Grand Dad 114

I'm in love with somebody's Grandad

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20th Aug 2011

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  • Nose: 21
  • Taste: 24
  • Finish: 25
  • Balance: 22

The average score for this whisky is 88.

Tasting Notes by Maestroso

Old Grand Dad 114 offers little to recommend it on the label--plain, Romanesque arch rimmed in gold and filled in black with bust of an old gentleman in the background with 114 emblazoned across his visage. Just above him is a semi-cheesy faux wax seal stating "114 proof." The bourbon is the color of good southern iced tea before the ice is added. The whiff out of a freshly opened bottle (corked with plastic top) is heavy on vanilla, with fresh cut hay, overripe fruit, and a hint of tobacco with the threat of alcohol behind it all.
The first taste, neat, is of rich caramel and more vanilla-- with no over abundance of alcohol burn considering the full flavor present. You want to say it has a medium finish, but the best of the flavor lasts a very long time, warming your taste buds and reminding you how rich the initial flavor really was. The caramel and vanilla mingle with charred oak and the tobacco arrives just before the flavor fades away. Tobacco and hay are stronger when you add one ice cube or a splash of water (I prefer the ice cube). I have decided I like it better than my longtime favorite, W.L.Weller107, because it manages the high proof better and delivers more deep flavor than the 107. I am in love with granddad and I am not ashamed!


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Victor wrote:

Welcome, @Maestroso, to the club. Old Grand-Dad 114 is Fun, Fun, Fun, Whiskey! Even my second sister, the one who only occasionally likes whiskey, really loves OGD 114. I would call Old Grand-Dad 114, "Allegro con brio". It is 'full of sound and fury', but it is signifying something. And it is also very inexpensive for the taste punch that it delivers. There are a few whiskeys that just put a smile onto my face just thinking of them. This is one of them.

20 August 2011 23:31

Victor wrote:

Oh, and @Maesstroso, Old Grand-Dad 114 was my first Connosr review, too!

20 August 2011 23:33

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