Port Charlotte An Turas Mor

Jack the Ripper or Artful Dodger?

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4th Nov 2010

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Tasting Notes by WTC

Nose: Victorian London, all sooty smoke, smoggy, with an assortment of aromas from stale fish and over ripe fruit to cooking fires. Palate: Sweet at first, balanced and easy with gooseberries poached in cream, then the trademark smoke and peat but not as fierce and aggressive as in the past. You're expecting Jack The Ripper, you get the Artful Dodger. Get over it though, because it's a beauty. Finish: Peat, pear and fgreen fruit, in an enjoyable but pussy cat finish.

the above are dominic's notes, this is in our regions of scotland tasting. The score is the current club average.

Other comments: "Despite lacking the mega PC kick of the previous PCs, on the taste this has a long, full on peat finish which has the true peat chili type magnifying effect. This is an excellent whisky, I want to put it head to head with Ardbeg 10 (thats how much I like it). I think this is an excellent development and expect to have this in on a regular basis. "

"This reminds me a of a peated Bunnahabhain. It's not like an Ardbeg or a Laphroaig, where you can tell the identity of the distillery from the underlying signature of the spirit but it's very good and well worth the price."

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