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Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

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5th Jan 2011

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Tasting Notes by dbk

Sazerac Rye is a straight rye whiskey produced by the ever-prolific Buffalo Trace distillery, makers of such great whiskeys as George T. Stagg, W. L. Weller, Eagle Rare, and, of course, Buffalo Trace. Affectionately, if patronizingly, known as “Baby Saz” and “Saz Jr.”, Sazerac Rye lives in the shadow of its older sibling, Sazerac Rye 18 year-old, Jim Murray’s darling pick for World Whisky of the year in the 2010 edition of his Whisky Bible. Having tasted Baby Saz many a night, I think it’s high time we cast some light on it and see how it shines.

The nose is of the floral, bready variety of rye. It is layered with notes of honey, apricots, butterscotch, and apple cider. With time, it develops into dry hay and a gentle bedding of brown sugar. Certain moments distinctly remind me of 7-Up.

The palate is again floral and bready; in fact, it is quite reminiscent of gingerbread. It is malty, spicy, crisp and dry, with sweet touches of apricot, honey, and butterscotch.

Some claim that Baby Saz is good, but isn’t especially complex. I think otherwise: it is balanced, nuanced, and sophisticated. And, importantly, Sazerac Rye holds its own.


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jdcook wrote:

Sounds enticing - added to the wish-list!

05 January 2011 02:51

AboutChoice wrote:

Hi @dbk, an engaging and refreshing review, and the compliments to Saz are well deserved. I've had this bottle for a year, and although I don't get over to my rye department much, I have always very much enjoyed Saz 6. But, even if rye is not your thing, you've got to buy it just for that really cool retro bottle ! :)

05 January 2011 05:53

dbk wrote:

@jdcook, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

@AboutChoice, I had just remarked on the cool bottle design to a friend yesterday. It really is great, as are the contents!

05 January 2011 13:07

Dellnola wrote:

Solid rye. Here in New Orleans, it's everywhere since many bars use it for the beloved cocktail this whisky is named after - the Sazerac.

Glad to see someone enjoying this whisky because it often gets overlooked in favor for the 18 year old or people just never taste it outside of a Sazerac.

06 January 2011 01:28

dbk wrote:

@Dellnola, the rye-volution might have been a bit oversold (, but I'm glad that there are still a good handful of others lucky enough to taste this beautiful whiskey. I have bottles of the Thomas H Handy Sazerac and Sazerac 18 for future comparisons but, as I stated above, "Baby Saz" can hold its own.

09 January 2011 00:27

dbk wrote:

New glass, new note: wafts of cinnamon n the nose!

14 January 2011 02:38

drinix wrote:

currently having a dram of this, out of a master of malts sample. wish I had this fabulously looking bottle on my shelf. on my personal best looking bottles ranking, sazerac rye and hibiki are contending for the 1st place.

09 March 2011 20:54

dbk wrote:

It is indeed one looker of a bottle, @drinix!

09 March 2011 23:25

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