Scapa G.M 2000 Single Cask

Just a pleasant coastline

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2nd Aug 2015

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  • Nose: 22
  • Taste: 21
  • Finish: 21
  • Balance: 21

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Tasting Notes by Lifewaterforce

The Scapa single malt is one of legend for a young whisky fan like myself, and i know, legend is already an overused word in the world of single malt whisky "PR&Marketing". However the word seems suitable for a distillery like Scapa, i haven't tried the excellence past but i have heard the stories and read the reviews. It is hard to dismiss Scapa from a mystical status that, true to nature, has evidence of mystified greatness. I have before tasted the Scapa 14 which is a 90+ in my book, but didn't write notes at the time. Apart from that it has been the "ok" Scapa 16 and now this one: A single cask from the year 2000 by Gordon&Macphail. (Distillery label)

Nose: Peaches, pineapple and honeydew melon makes a fruit basket of this nose. Grinded black pepper and a barley/honey undefined sweetness lies in the background. Another undefined element that can only be described as mineral and coastal almost unpeaty Laphroaig-esque.

Palate: Honey (dominant now), clove, vibrant coastal character coming through now with brine and iodine. A slight whisper of peat, but characterful nevertheless. Chewy oak and flint.

Finish: Back and forth between honey and oak with the coastal character in the background.

A decent malt from G.M which are trustworthy when it comes to delivering a malts true character. It could've been the case here but the distillate wasn't probably the best Scapa distillate to use. All in all they managed well, a robust body makes this a decent dram that has it's own character but seems just a whisper of the Scapa of old.


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