Speyburn 10 Year old

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28th May 2015

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

Next to the NAS-version, there is also this 10 Year Old. The Bradan Orach was a serious let-down. Hence the expectations for this one are not very high. On the contrary.

The nose is mildly floral and a bit fruity. I detect vanilla, but also white bread and some citrus fruit. Grain cookies. Fresh as spring, actually. Very accessible. Nothing wrong here.

Unfortunately it again has a very light body, almost watery. Some honey, some caramel and a truckload of vanilla. The fruit is again of the citrus variety. Touch of pepper.

The finish is short, sweet and softly peppered, but dies a bitter death.

This is a typical card player’s whisky. Nothing wrong with it, but surely not a high flyer. Reminds me a bit of vodka. Hence a low flyer. Not even 25 EUR. Rather popular in the States, where it is bottled at 43% ABV.

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Victor wrote:

Your description of Speyburn 10 yo sounds familiar, @markjedi1. Thanks for your review. I've never liked Speyburn 10 either. At 75 points I think that you were generous. I'd put this one more around its current 69 point Connosr average. Actually if anyone ever asks me for an example of what I consider an inferior malt whisky, Speyburn 10 comes immediately to mind.

I will brace myself for when I taste a sample of the Bradan Orach.

28 May 2015 15:19

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