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Tasting notes by tabarakRazvi on 18th Apr 2014
Robust 88/100

Tasting notes by TrailingTheMalt on 18th Apr 2014
Excellent 91/100

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  • Springbank 10 Year old - Robust

    By tabarakRazvi on 18th Apr 20142014-04-18T20:15:00


    Campbeltown, and more importantly Springbank, expressions are always on top of my love list. They have an allure which I can't explain and I love the fact that simply by being creative they can create … read more

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  • Springbank 12 Year Old Cask Strength - Excellent

    By TrailingTheMalt on 18th Apr 20142014-04-18T16:08:00


    This expression has been lying in my cabinet for quite a while now.. I loved it the first few times I got down to sipping a dram or two from the bottle.. but never got down to writing notes for but this… read more

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  • Springbank 12 Year Old Cask Strength - Smashing!

    By tabarakRazvi on 18th Apr 20142014-04-18T10:43:00


    Those of you who know me know that I have an irrational attachment to anything that comes of Campbeltown. Not because I'm an expert on Campbeltown expressions; far from it. It simply has some sort of … read more

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  • Springbank Blackadder Raw Cask 1995/2005 - Comparison: official bottling vs BA

    By Pandemonium on 21st Mar 20142014-03-21T23:09:00


    Another week, another Blackadder Raw Cask, I really need to lay off these bottles, they are quite addictive. On today's menu, a young Springbank at cask strength, from 1995, bottled in 2005. I will co… read more

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  • Springbank CV - Sweet fruit and subtle smoke

    By Tandem on 9th Mar 20142014-03-09T20:25:00


    I had once tasted the Longrow CV with rather good impressions, and when I ran into this Springbank version at a whisky shop in London’s Soho, I decided to give it a try. I was told that the Longrow CV is… read more

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  • Springbank 10 Year old - Day 19 Year 2013

    By rigmorole on 9th Mar 20142014-03-09T07:26:00


    Compare this review to the last I did a few weeks ago. Nose: Longrow-style peat, Longrow-style kerosene sweetness, sour caramel, light smoke. Palate: Kiwi, Longrow-style peat, toffee, brown sugar, … read more

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  • Springbank 10 Year old 100 Proof - Pleasant but a little flat

    By rigmorole on 8th Mar 20142014-03-08T06:44:00


    Nose: Toasted barley, caramel, long dry grasses in late summer, dried chrysanthemum, honey comb. Mouth: Clover honey, rock salt, lemon balm, sea breeze, hot ocean sand, very faint peat. A nice oily t… read more

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  • Springbank 10 Year old - The Power and the Glory

    By rigmorole on 27th Feb 20142014-02-27T06:19:00


    It seems fitting to write about my favorite reasonably priced whisky for REVIEW 100 ON WHISKY CONNOSR! That's right, this review is Number One Hundred! It's hard to believe I've written that many r… read more

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  • Springbank 14 YO Fino Cask - "Natural selection" on the palette

    By rigmorole on 17th Feb 20142014-02-17T05:42:00


    Okay, so I have a wee sample of the Claret left. This will allow me to compare it with the bottle of Fino I just cracked open for the first time. First, I shall review the Fino. Nose: Rich cream, honey,… read more

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  • Springbank 14 Fino - Well Done C Town Blokes!

    By rigmorole on 14th Feb 20142014-02-14T05:09:00


    A delightful dram. I have a recent bottle of Claret on the brain, and this eases me pain at the loss. Yes, I do like this Springbanker. Eye: Rich grand sight that really catches the light. One of the … read more

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