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Tasting notes by Alexsweden on 2nd Oct 2016
The springbank standard 86/100

Tasting notes by Robert99 on 17th Aug 2016
Cleaning the lawnmower 81/100

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  • Springbank 10 Year old - The springbank standard

    By Alexsweden on 2nd Oct 20162016-10-02T16:01:00


    I appreciate the work being done at Springbank distillery. Small-time, handcrafted and traditional. It is quite unique both in style and in practice. Lets try the 10! Nose freshly poured there is a note… read more

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  • Springbank Green 13 yo - Cleaning the lawnmower

    By Robert99 on 17th Aug 20162016-08-17T04:36:00


    My first experience of Springbank was a few years ago when I bought at the same time the 10, the Longrow CV and the Hazelburn. The three had an herbal note that change from to the other passing from being… read more

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  • Springbank 1999 14 Year Old Local Barley Springbank Society Bottling - Pass The Gravy

    By talexander on 18th May 20162016-05-18T23:50:00


    The Springbank Society seems to be like a cross between the Friends of Laphroaig and the SMWS - you pay a fee and join the club online, but also get the opportunity to buy Society-only bottlings (and of… read more

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  • Springbank 19 Year Old 1996 for BYOB-C - Hyper Active

    By markjedi1 on 12th May 20162016-05-12T06:38:00


    The Lads of Lobland series already consist of a great Clynelish. Now this club brings us a wonderfully dark Springbank, clearly from a sherry cask. They shared the cask with the Dutch casQueteers who sold… read more

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  • Springbank CV - Nervous

    By markjedi1 on 12th May 20162016-05-12T06:37:00


    It has been almost 5 years since I last tried the Sprintbank CV. Thank to my friend Pat I can now give the 2015 bottling a go. Oh, right, CV is short for Chairman’s Vat and is a mix of different vintages… read more

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  • Springbank 10 Year old - Intense

    By markjedi1 on 12th May 20162016-05-12T06:35:00


    Springbank 10 is a Campbeltown classic, right? This is not my first, but it is the most recent bottling that I was able to get my hands on (thanks, Pat!). From 2015. The Springbank 10 was my first enc… read more

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  • Springbank Glengyle Kilkerran WIP VII - Rock Farm

    By Pandemonium on 20th Feb 20162016-02-20T16:50:00


    As I gave the 6th Kilkerran Work In Process (commonly known as the WIP VI) a solid 91, you can imagine I was very excited about the new cask strength release. An opinion apparently widely shared as the… read more

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  • Springbank 12 Year Old Cask Strength - As malty as it can get

    By Pierre_W on 12th Feb 20162016-02-12T23:10:00


    Springbank distillery was established in 1828 by the Reid family and is located on the southern Kintyre peninsula. In 1837 it was sold to John and William Mitchell, in-laws of the Reids. In 1897 the d… read more

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  • Springbank 12 YO Claret - Bright Claret Springbank

    By Victor on 8th Nov 20152015-11-08T20:13:00


    The reviewed sample is compliments of @Nozinan Nose: gentle, sweet, high-pitched Claret wine greets first and dominates the nose. Along with the grape there is a little tangerine marmalade. The Sprin… read more

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  • Springbank 12 YO Cask Strength Batch 9 - Overrated

    By Cunundrum on 23rd Oct 20152015-10-23T08:11:00


    Nose: Sour caramel; old library books; vintage car seat leather; slight sulfur. Palate: A touch of peat and smoke; caramel; mouse pelt; alcohol burn; musty curtains. Finish: Ends brilliantly with bright… read more

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