Springbank 18 year old Private Cask

A Special Special Springbank

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21st Oct 2012

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  • Nose: 23
  • Taste: 22
  • Finish: 24
  • Balance: 24

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Tasting Notes by Volks

O how lucky i am. Must thank my local store than Oak Barrel Wine Cellar for hosting the Springbank tasting evening and Premium Scotch Importers for sharing their stock.

A privately owned cask is a rare treat for a poor uni student and boy i wont forget it.

Colour: perhaps a touch lighter than the normal Springbank hue

  • Nose: grass, creamy, touch of salty, generally mellow and subtle

  • Pallet: smooth, rounded, developed, lightly herbal and refreshing

  • Finish: gentle spice, cinnamon, creamy again

  • Mark: 9.3/10

this is without a doubt the strangest Springbank i have ever tasted. the usual malt and full bodied barley with maritime character was completely absent in this bottle. If you served it blind to a Springbank buff i would be suprised if he picked it.


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18 year old Private Cask




Pale Straw


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