Springbank 10 Year old

A Warm Scottish Breeze By The Sea

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24th Jan 2012

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  • Nose: 22
  • Taste: 21
  • Finish: 21
  • Balance: 18

The average score for this whisky is 85.

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Tasting Notes by talexander

A malt I've always wanted to try, so hey, I cracked it open while my daughter Maggie plays next door. It's a lovely golden honey colour; in the glass, you can see it is slightly oily, with solid legs. The nose feels coastal but not too much: salt, heather, slightly medicinal, with some aloe behind a strong maltiness. Fairly briny on the tongue, with some gentle smoke (but not peat smoke) tempered by lemon. The finish is grassy, deep, warming, kind of tingly, hints of oak (but not too much). And everything opens up with a little water. I enjoy this whisky but there is something slightly off-balance. The nose is much lighter than the taste, which is lighter than the finish. Not massively out of whack but different enough that the discrepancies are easily noticed. Enjoyable, but not distinctive or surprising.


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mattberg wrote:

Springbank is an exceptional Whisky... the 10 yo is out there on it's own... if you can try the 18yo it will change your view of the world..lol..

02 February 2012 19:30

talexander wrote:

I think it's available here in Ontario - also want to try the 12 year old cask strength...

02 February 2012 19:33

indynoir wrote:

I agree with Matt...the 10 year is very unique compared to the 12 cask, 15, & 18 which all have more sherry influence than the 10 year. However, I'm warming up to the 10 year. Really enjoy the whisky along with the price. I guess I just love Springbank in general as I'm with Matt...It's a mind altering experience:) You get the best of both worlds...sherry world married with the peat/brine world...but either the sherry or peat/brine are over powering. Seems like no matter the weather or mood these whiskies always fit the moment.

04 March 2013 00:29

talexander wrote:

They do - and @mattberg, I have now tried the Springbank 18 - pretty incredible!

04 March 2013 14:58

Jonesz wrote:

Just wondering how comparable it might be to say Old Pulteney 12. Here in Manitoba it costs $20 more than the OP.

21 September 2013 15:44

talexander wrote:

Both are very good - but I lean toward the Springbank. That's just me though.

21 September 2013 15:48

Jonesz wrote:

Thanx Talexander, some of the Springbank tasting notes here and in other reviews reminded me of OP12. I might wait till I can get some older Springbank ie 15 or 18 when I am down south this coming winter, Jonesz

22 September 2013 01:54

Robert99 wrote:

I haven't had any 15 or 18 yo, so I'm wondering if the sherry finish let some place to the Cambelton characteristics which are for me a nutty sugary taste and some chervil and basilic herbs that is without mentionning the seaweed and the salt. The woody nose and palate is also very pure almost without any spices. So I am afraid that the sherry would overcome the herbs or make it unbalanced.

29 March 2014 08:34

talexander wrote:

Both the 15 and 18yo are fantastic - the wood influence never overwhelms the qualities of the spirt.

29 March 2014 12:15

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