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18th May 2015

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Tasting Notes by hunggar

Here’s Springbank’s 10 year old. It’s my opinion that not all 10-12 year old introductory malts are the best ambassadors for their distilleries. When you’re offering your most affordable, and likely best-selling OB to the world, not only do you need it to be of a certain quality, but you need it to embody the house style. In that context, Springbank’s 10 is right on the mark.

Nose: Lovely balance, and very in tune with the house style, Lemon lozenges, rich barley, hay, ginger, honey, buttermilk, salt, apricot. Inviting.

Palate: Spicy, zesty arrival. Both farmy and tangy. Grass, huge barley, hay, ginger, honey, peppercorn, and vanilla.

Finish: Smoke, peat, manure (in a good way, of course), big vanilla, ginger, anise, brine, light honey, orange zest, apricot, and faint heather. Medium in length.

Thoughts: Zippy and direct. I really like the rich barley. I don’t know why Springbank always takes me to a farm, though. It must be that delicious manure note … and yes, I just said that. It's honest stuff with good core flavours. Not a whisky I’m drawn back to often, nor is it something I would want to drink continuously over the course of an evening. Despite that, I find it very satisfying. Definitely a quality dram, and a fine introduction to house style.


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