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Tasting notes by Uisgebetha on 3rd Sep 2014
Hot stuff! 95/100

Tasting notes by SimeonSanchez on 18th Jul 2014
Scottish Sweetheart 90/100

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  • Talisker 10 Year old - Hot stuff!

    By Uisgebetha on 3rd Sep 20142014-09-03T07:21:00


    Not quite my first love when it comes to malt whisky, but a close second. The first bottle of this I bought was olive green and came in box tattooed with a map of Scotland centred on where else the Isle… read more

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  • Talisker 10 Year old - Scottish Sweetheart

    By SimeonSanchez on 18th Jul 20142014-07-18T21:36:00


    It smells of smoke, peat, brine, and the same velvety quality of Black Label. For taste, there is an explosion of sweetness and flavor in the mouth, with no bitterness, and a lingering finish. On… read more

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  • Talisker 25 Year old Bot 2005 - Isle of Skye meets the tropics

    By numen on 12th Jul 20142014-07-12T17:53:00


    sample from a friend Nose: Ah, vibrant and very lively. An acoustic guitar solo (these things happen, right?) at a show on the coast. Baseline of the coastal salt, pebbles, stony sand, and seaweedy peat… read more

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  • Talisker 1994 14 Y.O. Manager's Choice (bot. 2009) - Top notch Talisker concentrate

    By numen on 12th Jul 20142014-07-12T17:51:00


    sample from a friend Nose: Chalky vanilla malt atop a gentle peat, really rather coastal on pebbles. Some of the lemon and freshly shaved ginger. Lightly acrid gasoline at the pump, cold pressed nut and… read more

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  • Talisker 10 Year old - My first love

    By thewhiskydoctor on 22nd Jun 20142014-06-22T21:10:00


    Tasted January 2013. Ah, Talisker, the single malt that started it all for me a few years ago, and it still holds a special place in my heart for that reason. Nose - peat smoke and saltiness, smoked … read more

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  • Talisker Port Ruighe - Different Distillers Edition

    By Volks on 10th May 20142014-05-10T07:31:00


    This is a port matured version of Talisker with a name i couldnt imagine of pronouncing. Interestingly it retails in Australia for the same price as the distillers edition. Nose: relatively restrained,… read more

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  • Talisker 10 Year old - Storm bashing a stained pier

    By tastydram on 22nd Apr 20142014-04-22T15:17:00


    Talisker is the (for now) only distillery on the isle of Skye and went into production in 1830. In 1925 it became part of Distillers Company, the current Diageo. The distillery was destroyed by fire in… read more

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  • Talisker 1999 Distillers Edition - Good, but too predictable...

    By hunggar on 7th Apr 20142014-04-07T20:39:00


    I’m slowly working my way to buying a Lagavulin DE. It’s expensive, and I’ve yet to pull the trigger on the increasingly ridiculous price tag. In the mean time I was happy to grab a bottle of Talisker DE… read more

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  • Talisker 10 Year old - better andere better

    By Emin on 18th Mar 20142014-03-18T20:27:00


    This whisky is from the coastal classic malt box that I purchased to explore some single malts. After opening I reqlly disliked it but now, after a few weeks, it starts to attract me more and more ! Nose… read more

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  • Talisker 1998 Distillers Edition - Sherried peat

    By Aulay on 17th Mar 20142014-03-17T02:23:00


    Delicious nose. Smokey, sweet, salty toffee. A tasty Talisker delivery with that spicy peat smoke backed up by fruits and sweet toffee. A medium-long finish that does not dissapoint. Well enjoyed overall… read more

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