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Tasting notes by hunggar on 7th Apr 2014
Good, but too predictable... 86/100

Tasting notes by Emin on 18th Mar 2014
better andere better 87/100

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  • Talisker 1999 Distillers Edition - Good, but too predictable...

    By hunggar on 7th Apr 20142014-04-07T20:39:00


    I’m slowly working my way to buying a Lagavulin DE. It’s expensive, and I’ve yet to pull the trigger on the increasingly ridiculous price tag. In the mean time I was happy to grab a bottle of Talisker DE… read more

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  • Talisker 10 Year old - better andere better

    By Emin on 18th Mar 20142014-03-18T20:27:00


    This whisky is from the coastal classic malt box that I purchased to explore some single malts. After opening I reqlly disliked it but now, after a few weeks, it starts to attract me more and more ! Nose… read more

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  • Talisker 1998 Distillers Edition - Sherried peat

    By Aulay on 17th Mar 20142014-03-17T02:23:00


    Delicious nose. Smokey, sweet, salty toffee. A tasty Talisker delivery with that spicy peat smoke backed up by fruits and sweet toffee. A medium-long finish that does not dissapoint. Well enjoyed overall… read more

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  • Talisker 57º North - Could be from Islay

    By Aulay on 17th Mar 20142014-03-17T01:34:00


    Wow, what a powerful nose with bold Peat smoke (reminiscent of a Laphroaig) with just a hint of toffee and salty sea air in the background. At 57%, this whiskey has a solid peppery burn to it with the… read more

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  • Talisker 18 Year old - Awards Night

    By talexander on 9th Mar 20142014-03-09T16:14:00


    So tonight is the Canadian Screen Awards, our country's answer to the Oscars. Since no-one goes to Canadian films (so the public has no idea what is up for awards), they have to jazz it up by awarding TV… read more

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  • Talisker Secret Still 1.2 Talisker 21 Year Old Sherry Cask - A Different Kind of Talisker!

    By SquidgyAsh on 5th Mar 20142014-03-05T00:09:00


    If you've known me for longer then 15 minutes you know that my favorite Scottish distillery is Talisker, hands down. I've visited the distillery on the Isle of Skye, I was one of the first people in … read more

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  • Talisker 2004 Distillery Only Special Vatting - Lamp Oil

    By markjedi1 on 25th Feb 20142014-02-25T20:26:00


    This bottle has become quite rare. It is a special vatting that was available only at the distillery as of 2004. Only 350 bottles were released at the almost unique (for Talisker) strength of 60% ABV.… read more

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  • Talisker 25 Year old Bot 2008 - Savour

    By markjedi1 on 25th Feb 20142014-02-25T20:25:00


    When this release of the Talisker 25 Year Old hit the shelves in 2006, it was still bottled at a cask strength (while subsequent releases are now bottled at the trademark 45,8%). The nose is spicy to be… read more

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  • Talisker 12 Year old Friends of Classic Malts - Floral

    By markjedi1 on 25th Feb 20142014-02-25T20:25:00


    This Talisker was bottled especially for the Friends of the Classic Malts and contains a 12 Year Old (as opposed to the traditional 10 Year Old, I suppose). It is a celebration of 10 years Friends. S… read more

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  • Talisker Distillers Edition 2013 - Distilleries Should be Proud

    By GBrough on 20th Feb 20142014-02-20T03:52:00


    I was looking for a whisky to order with my first paycheck, now i bounced around with Kilchoman Machir Bay 2013, Port Charlotte 10 Heavily Peated, and Ardbeg Uiggie in the end I decided it was high time… read more

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