Talisker 18 Year old

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2nd Feb 2012

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Tasting Notes by mattberg

Sounds like a James Bond film title well yes perhaps but the first impression of this 18yo Talisker is that you are tasting something very special indeed...

More complex than the 10 yo (which by itself is an excellent Whisky) wow, this has soooo much going on... on the nose I'm finding layers of golden honey, marzipan, cinnamon, oranges, cardamon, cloves, brine, sun cream, the signature chili oil, nutmeg, new-oak, olive oil, walnuts and ginger...

The arrival is light fish/salmon-oil, chili-oil, ancient spices, rum-oak, cloves, pineapple with a ginger, sea weed and what I can only describe as a nice wasabi kick and ginger-garlic finish..... outstanding..

Drinking this, you truly feel like you have experienced Whisky nirvana, but it makes you realize how good the 10 yo is compared with other offerings similarly priced and positioned in the market.

Drink the 10yo as a weekly dram, the 18yo is is for a once a month tasting... otherwise too much of it and you'll be spoiled...


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RoganFox wrote:

Could not agree more. Talisker 18 is my favourite Whisky so far, but it makes you realize what a great everyday dram Talisker 10 really is.

03 February 2012 03:21

drinix wrote:

Great review and great whisky. Probably the best malt I've ever tasted (although my experience is limited to official and pretty readily available bottlings). Elegant, subtle and highly complex.

03 February 2012 08:43

GregLogan wrote:

Matt - Based on your recommendation I acquired a T18 as well as the Springbank 18. I have been pretty delighted overall in the Spring18 but I must admit, I have disappointed with the T18. I am wondering whether it just needs some time for the flavors to emerge or ??? Maybe I am missing something. In contrast, the Aberlour 18 is pretty heavenly....

08 April 2012 01:54

mattberg wrote:

Hey Greg, they are two quite distinct drams and personally I wouldn't recommend for example drinking them in the same evening or comparing them by taste one after the other... Sometimes I've tried too many whiskies in a short space of time or in the same evening and the qualities of some drams become blurred...

I would recommend a cigar with some Whiskies and the T18 would be one of them, a real contrast.. I do this with Mortlachs but (and again this is a personal preference) cigars and Aberlour Abunadh don't work for me as there is already a strong tobacco note in this dram... similarly the Springer 18 is a dram I would perhaps take after a Hibiki but really doesn't work for me after the Abunadh.. in fact it tastes awful..

Perhaps try the Tali 10 or a Highland Park 12 then try the T18.. nice contrasts..

08 April 2012 12:47

GregLogan wrote:

Matt - Thanks for getting back. So I should provide an update. I purchased an HP18 sometime ago and was quite disappointed. Viktor comforted my beleaguered soul by encouraging me to wait a few months and the HP quality will begin to change. I kept and open mind and, lo, the HP 18 is very reasonably palatable now after a couple months.

The night after I wrote the above I went ahead and forced myself back to the T18. For some reason it was quite a bit better then it was when I originally sampled right after I received. In fact, as I let it open up for a good 15 - 20 min or more, I found it downright delicious - and suddenly a couple drams worth quickly disappeared and no more free hand-outs from T18. I re-tested this morning to make sure my exuberance wasn't entirely youthful - and found the same quality - and the same need to give it a good long period to relax and let the flavors out.

In fact I have noticed that the initial nose is very iodine - and I can tell very easily when it has relaxed by that nose being replaced by a lovely moderately sweet smell. This has been consistent so far.

So I am continuing my homework and am further realizing the complexity of the material with which we are working with. Needless to say, not all Scotchs, as people, work the same (apparently).

I always appreciate your comments - and your credibility appears to be well established - I will read your reviews with some care.

Best, Greg

08 April 2012 22:47

Victor wrote:

@GregLogan, I am on record multiple times as being a big fan of Talisker 18. That said, I see you to be a big flavours, hard-hitting-whisky kind of guy. You might well prefer Talisker 57 Degrees North, which is at Cask Strength. Talisker 57 Degrees North is more difficult to find on this continent, however.

09 April 2012 14:38

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