Talisker 18 Year old

Softly Understated Elegance

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13th Oct 2013

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  • Nose: 23
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  • Balance: 23

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Tasting Notes by MaltActivist

Ah, yes! Finally some real flavors to sink my teeth into. I had been holding off this classic for a while choosing, instead, to sample some of their newer expressions like the Storm & Port Ruighe, before turning my attention to this gem. While the new expressions from the Skye distillery are doing it no good it's the classics like this 18 year old that keep the faith alive.

The nose is truly a work of art. First the classic peaty smoke but so distinctly understated. Confident in it's maturity. The salty pineapple citrus is next coupled with a refined lemon-lime toffee tartness. And finally a whiff of fresh cucumber sprinkled with the loveliest of white pepper. Oh, yes. This is what I had been waiting for!

The creamy mouthfeel is laced with intense black peppers but then mellows out to give you honey, lemon and chocolate with a dash of tobacco.

The long peppery finish is fruity with a hint of limestone.

These are the classic flavors that made Talisker one of my top distilleries and this expression should be on your list of malts to try before you die.

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Victor wrote:

@tabarakRazvi, yes, Talisker 18 is damned good stuff. One thing I find very interesting with it, though, is that most, but not all, experienced malt drinkers who are not peat-averse like it very much, but almost never do newby whisky drinkers to whom I introduce it like it at all. It is downright shocking to me when I see whisky newby person after person dislike Talisker 18, when I enjoy it so much.

13 October 2013 17:20

FormerlyRigmorole wrote:

Ah yes, one of my favorites . . . wish I had bought two bottles instead of one. Got mine for $80 in Phoenix AZ. Now the price has nearly doubled most places.

13 October 2013 18:40

MaltActivist wrote:

@Victor I think the initial burst of intense pepper found in most Taliskers may be a put off for the newbie. I my self tried my first Islay (Ardbeg 10) well into my whisky journey and remember thinking it was a bit tough to get down.

But I think every whisky fan will succumb to curiosity and persistence to find out what the Islay fuss is all about!

14 October 2013 07:45

Pierre_W wrote:

The 18yo old is my favourite in the Talisker core range. The more I have it, the more I actually get to enjoy it - this is one that just gets better and better. Many thanks for a splendid review that very well captures the essence of this multifaceted single malt!

14 October 2013 20:58

sengjc wrote:

From the Storm that I tried, I agree with the sentiment that the new Talisker expressions are a little off the mark.

Glad to hear the core range is still up to scratch.

30 October 2013 11:18

RicketyCricket wrote:

Is better also in comparison with the 25yo? If someone has tried both the bottles please let me know.

31 October 2013 19:02

Jules wrote:

How peaty is it? Less so than the 10YO I assume.

I'll have to move this up to the front of my wish-list, not easy to find here in Belgium though.

A friend recommended I try this one as I'm a big fan of the HP18, this would suit my tastes according to him (& others)...

14 November 2013 14:15

MaltActivist wrote:

@Jules It certainly seems a tad less peaty than the 10 year old, though, I don't know if that's technically true. But what I know is that it presents the peat in far more elegant manner than the 10 year old.

The 10 has a bit of a wild side and is unbridled in it's delivery. The 18 on the other hand is magnificent in it's constraint.

Not sure if it's like the HP18 - which is quite a sherried and sweet whisky - whereas as the Talisker carries a sea-air quality to it.

I think you will like it regardless of your penchant for the HP18

16 November 2013 06:18

broadwayblue wrote:

Got my T18 in the mail. Really looking forward to enjoying this in the near future.

27 April 2014 01:32

triumphrider74 wrote:

Great review. I'm added this one to my wish list.

14 February 2015 03:50

sorren wrote:

In my opinion the 25 is better, the peat is far more subtle, but this is good.. As for the 10yo.. No thanks, not a fan.

01 August 2016 21:42

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