Talisker 1996 Distiller's Edition

Talisker 10... In an Evening Gown

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2nd Mar 2012

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Tasting Notes by Devo

Nose: Sharp. Lots of oloroso sherry here. Floral notes--bordering on perfume-y. Relatively subtle peat. Orange rind and a bit of a mineral note... slate?

Taste: Thick and sweet. Really measured arrival... Cocoa and creamy custard, then the Talisker spice and peat smoke take the temperature up. Fleeting sherry on each exhale as it's held in the mouth.

Finish: Medium in length. Considering how thick and sweet the palate is, the finish on this is surprisingly dry. Sweetness and peat smoke linger (more sweet than smoke). Cocoa evolves to salted caramel note. Leaves you with wisps of fresh, dry oak and sherry.

Summary: This one is growing on me with each progressive dram. At first I found the sherry notes a bit overpowering, and the nose is a bit more perfumey than I prefer. But the development of the flavours in the mouth is the real triumph of this whisky. Until now I never really understood what people meant when they referred to a whisky's development as "elegant"... and even yet I feel a bit pretentious using this as a descriptor, but I really can't think of a better term. So, there you go... an "elegant" variation on the Talisker theme.


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Talisker 1996 Distiller's Edition




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