Talisker Port Ruighe

Slap Shot of whisky in the throat

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21st Nov 2014

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  • Nose: 24
  • Taste: 23
  • Finish: 22
  • Balance: 22

The average score for this whisky is 88.

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Tasting Notes by Rantavahti

Matured in re-fill American and European oak casks and transferred after that into deeply charred barrels and finished in Port wine casks.

This Talisker has some nice roughness combined to sweetness, that brings out the cult movie Slap Shot into my mind. In my opinion, Slap Shot is the greatest sports movie ever made. Like Talisker Port Ruighe, it isn't very well recognized.

It tells a funny, yet violent story of a small town hockey club, that is trying to win games with the fear of violence. That plot gives the movie very entertaining ingredients. Interesting and entertaining ingredients like that are almost similar to the sweet and rough elements of Talisker Port Ruighe.

Nose: Smoke comes in a sophisticated way. Sweet peat and light fruity and salty notes. Red wine with plums.

Taste: Sweet wine and peat make a great combo. Dried fruits stay on the back.

Finish: Quickly fading peat gives space to fresh breeze of ginger. Dry oak and dark chocolate are there as well.

Balance: Great whisky. I'm beginning to think, that peaty Port is the way to go!


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Pandemonium wrote:

Good Port Ruighe review => I've got to get this bottle Bad Port Ruighe review => Phew, dodged a bullet there

The crowd seems to be split between those who find this Talisker expression amazing and those who simply hate it. Maybe I'll just ask it for X-mas, so I don't waste any money on it

22 November 2014 23:53

Rantavahti wrote:

That sounds like a good plan. I'm sure it's pretty evident, but to be sure: I recommend this whisky.

24 November 2014 12:44

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