Teachers Highland Cream

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1st Mar 2015

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Tasting Notes by hunggar

This was one I tried while visiting my family in Canada. My dad loves a good brandy, and has only a passing interest in Scotch. But he did have a massive bottle of Teacher’s on hand, and I have to say that I enjoyed coming back to this one. Interestingly this bottle is an American release, bottled at 43% instead of the standard I get at 40% here in Asia.

Nose: There’s grain in here, but there’s also malt. Apple cider, pears, peat, caramel, honey, and faint ginger. Smooth.

Palate: Light mouthfeel, with a creamy quality. A nice malty flavour here; very much in harmony with the grain. Smoke, peat, earth, honey, and caramel.

Finish: Cream, apples, cinnamon, ginger, and very faint sherry notes. More malty goodness, with a generous heap of smoke, peat, and ash mixed in. Bolder than expected, but still easy on the gullet.

Thoughts: Nice stuff. The peat here isn't groundbreaking in terms of flavour or intensity, but there is a nice ashy quality to it, and it’s deeper and richer than I anticipated. Similarly priced blends are usually mixers for me, but I quite enjoy sipping this one. Balance, mouthfeel, and richness are all on point. For the price who could ask for more?


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Victor wrote:

You in Asia and Australia get robbed with all of those low abv versions of whisky they peddle there. Too bad. I really rarely like to drink whisky below 45% abv. But I do like Teachers...

I too like to sip Teachers Highland Cream. I think that it is very underestimated and suffers a lot from anti-blend snobbery. Put another way, if Teachers HC were included in a lineup of blind-tasted malts I'll bet that the blind tasters would score it much higher than they do knowing that it is blended Scotch.

01 March 2015 16:53

hunggar wrote:

@Victor, I think whiskies at 43% have their time and place, but any lower and you're certainly missing out. And yes, it does break my heart a little bit when I see the higher abv levels you guys enjoy States-side.

Agreed that Teachers is excellent. For it's price point I'd be hard pressed to find a blend of the same caliber.

01 March 2015 17:09

Frost wrote:

Unfortunately Teachers Highland Cream is bottled at 40% here. As are most economical blends here. It is a very nice blend I must say.

04 March 2015 10:27

hunggar wrote:

I've had the 40% as well. Obviously the 43% is a step up, but it's still very pleasant at 40%.

06 March 2015 08:36

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