Teerenpeli Kaski Distiller's Choice

The Man Without a Past burn-beaten

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7th Jun 2013

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  • Nose: 23
  • Taste: 22
  • Finish: 20
  • Balance: 22

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Tasting Notes by Rantavahti

Tasting of Teerenpeli Kaski Distiller's Choice was part of Teerenpeli distillery tour at their Taivaanranta distillery in Lahti. And it turned out to be one to best positive upsets in my 'whisky tasting career'. Great stuff indeed, which I hoped, had lasted bit more longer.

Teerenpeli Kaski is apparently only 6 years old, which sounds astonishing. It was that soft and delicate! I think that the softness was even one of Kaski's weaknesses, it was that light. Still, managed to offer nice different tones.

Kaski is Finnish and means swidden/burn-beaten land. And even though Teerenpeli can't offer anything like the distilleries in Islay, it managed to give you a soft sensation of the burn-beaten land.

I'll continue comparing two Finnish pioneers together and make a statement that Teerenpeli Kaski is like Aki Kaurismäki's The Man Without a Past. For me a groundbreaking movie in Aki's CV, just like Kaski will be in Teerenpeli's product range (I hope).

Like in the movie nobody know's about the main character's past, nobody knows about the origins of Teerenpeli Kaski. Hopefully Teerenpeli gets a chance to make it's mark on the whisky map. A chance to tell it's fascinating story about dedication and being a true artisan in the business.

Nose: Deep but sophisticated sherryness with hints of some tropical fruits. Slightly chocolate and peat as well.

Taste: Sweet barley with raisins and a touch of sherry. Very soft taste of sweet peat and wee smoke in the background and I think I spotted light liquorice.

Finish: Malted barley and peat linger sweetly but very quickly. Has some dry and sour berry notes too, like chewing lingonberry. Finish is good but way too rapid.

Balance: Great job by Finnish pioneers, with a longer aftertaste this might be an over 90 point whisky for me. Doesn't resemble as much Highland Park products as Teerenpeli 8 yrs but had some same elements. Bits of smoke and liquorice were kinda like HP18 but surely not as deep and characteristic.


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Rantavahti wrote:

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07 June 2013 08:34

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