Tomatin 15 Year old

Speyside Scotch Whisky

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Tasting notes by Benancio on 21st Oct 2014
Fantastic Neutral Scotch 89/100

Tasting notes by markjedi1 on 2nd Feb 2010
The Dessert Malt 76/100

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Tomatin 15 Year old whisky reviews (2)

Average rating 8.1/10

  • Tomatin 15 Year old - Fantastic Neutral Scotch

    By Benancio on 21st Oct 20142014-10-21T03:54:00


    I bought this online at Hi-Time Wine for $45. I include the price for record. I haven’t noticed this in the store before but my salesman gave me a sample of the 12y and 15y, I enjoyed them both. One bit… read more

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  • Tomatin 15 Year old - The Dessert Malt

    By markjedi1 on 2nd Feb 20102010-02-02T12:55:00


    I tried the NEW Tomatin 15. This latest addition to the Tomatin range (it was released in August 2009) has matured on American bourbon casks and has a medium body. It takes a while before you see the … read more

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