Tormore 19 Year Old 1995 Chapter 7

Mon Chérie on Steroïds

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18th Feb 2016

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Tasting Notes by markjedi1

Chapter 7? That is a Swiss bottler run by Selim Evin. Since last year, he bottles single casks. Like this Tormore 1995 for example. It is only my 8th Tormore so far. So I can hardly claim to be experienced with this brand. But I do know that – bar one exception – I quite fancy this malt.

Coffee and nuts, that is the essence of this nose. With a hint of rust. But also quite floral, almost perfumy. Underneath lingers a nice marmalade of apples and pears with some vanilla. Let us return to the nuts. I get almost (marzipan) as well as pecan nuts and even some roasted peanuts. A single dried apricot and a hint of oak. This is quite pleasant.

The arrival is creamy and mouth coating, but at the same time very piquant and floral. It is almost rose water, but on steroids. Let me quickly add some water. More fruit now. Think apples, pears and cherries. A bit like the Mon Chérie candy, but better (doh). Almonds are the leading nuts. Cinnamon and a hint of cloves.

Another dose of fruit emerges in the medium long finish, with cinnamon and barley sugar at the death.

Lovely clean, sweet Tormore. Summer dram. Thank for the sample, Jurgen!

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19 Year Old 1995 Chapter 7




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