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Tasting notes by Cardinal on 27th Nov 2013
Weller House Blend 91/100

Tasting notes by masterj on 25th Nov 2013
Decadent Bourbon 90/100

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  • W. L. Weller 60/40 Old Weller Antique / W.L.Weller 12 yr blend - Weller House Blend

    By Cardinal on 27th Nov 20132013-11-27T15:20:00


    I have taken the advise of many online experts and blended my Old Weller Antique and my W.L.Weller 12 yr wheated bourbons. The mix is 60% OWA and 40% Weller 12 yr. The OWA is 53.5% ABV and Weller 12 is… read more

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  • W. L. Weller William Larue Weller Bot. 2013 - Decadent Bourbon

    By masterj on 25th Nov 20132013-11-25T08:13:00


    This William Larue Weller was distilled in Spring of 2001 and aged on the 3rd & 4th floors of warehouses M & P. Nose: Anise, dried fruit, caramel, brown sugar, malt, chocolate, corn syrupy, cola, liquor… read more

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  • W.L. Weller 12 Year old - Best when oxidized

    By masterj on 22nd Nov 20132013-11-22T00:15:00


    I very much liked the 107 Weller so when I was in the market for something new to try I decided to go with the older expression of W. L. Weller and see if added time in wood would add more depth. However,… read more

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  • W. L. Weller William Larue Weller Bot. 2011 - Rich Wheat

    By Victor on 15th Nov 20132013-11-15T15:25:00


    The reviewed bottle has been open for 16 months, is 40% full, and has been preserved with inert gas for 1 year Colour: extremely dark, as dark as any whisk(e)y you will ever see, if you live to be 150… read more

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  • W. L. Weller 2010 - Pine Tree Sap

    By markjedi1 on 6th Jul 20132013-07-06T14:52:00


    When I first got to know this William Larue Weller, albeit the 2012 release, I loved it immediately and went looking for another sample. WhiskyGorillaz was the place to be. This WLW was distilled in the… read more

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  • W. L. Weller Old Weller Antique 107° (NAS) - The 1st step in my quest..

    By GotOak91 on 9th May 20132013-05-09T02:56:00


    This particular bottle is a part of the W.L. Weller line-up. Aka"The original wheated bourbon" This bottle replaced the 7 year variant at the same proof (107). The replacement has no age statement, which… read more

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  • Old Weller Antique 7 Year old - Tame Bourbon

    By ewhiskey on 17th Mar 20132013-03-17T21:39:00


    The nose of this Bourbon was very surprising, and would be for any Bourbon. Very light and mellow, and since Bourbon is always aged in first fill casks, I usually expect intensity over zen. Cool bruised… read more

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  • W. L. Weller W.L Weller BHC 10yr Centennial Louisville edition - Epic Weller

    By masterj on 29th Jan 20132013-01-29T20:07:00


    Nose: Very Brandy like. Elegant. Cinnamon, all spice, vanilla, rum Soaked apples and pears, honey, white table grapes, cherries, butterscotch. Taste: Again the grapes. Followed by oak, very drying t… read more

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  • Old Weller Antique 7 Year old - Comfort in a glass.

    By masterj on 26th Dec 20122012-12-26T07:54:00


    Nose: Brown Sugar, Licorice, Candied Orange, the slightest hints of Oak, Lavender, Caramel, Grain, 90% Cocoa Dark Chocolate, Honey, Sauteed Apples dusted with Cinnamon, Dried Mango. Palate: Oak, Dried… read more

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  • W.L. Weller 12 Year old - Older, and Less Concentrated

    By Victor on 20th Aug 20122012-08-20T19:42:00


    W.L.Weller is one of the five large brands of wheated bourbons, and is produced at the Buffalo Trace distillery. The reviewed bottle has been open for 18 months and is 95% full. Colour: pretty dark,… read more

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