W. L. Weller William Larue Weller 2010

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6th Feb 2011

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  • Nose: 25
  • Taste: 24
  • Finish: 23
  • Balance: 24

Tasting Notes by Dellnola

From the 2010 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

Nose: Strong vanilla note, not just any vanilla, high quality Mexican vanilla, rich and fragrant. Creme brûlée, a hint of coffee, molasses, butter and brown sugar, like freshly made cookie dough.

Palate: Strong, creamy, and thick. Wow, so many of the flavors in the nose are present on the palate. The mouthfeel is amazingly powerful and the arrival is so rich that it makes me feel as though I'm chewing on a square of chewy caramel.

Finish: It evolves in and out of mild dryness and sweetness and eventually settles on vanilla. Delicious.

I really couldn't say enough good things about this bourbon. Unfortunately, it seems as though the William Larue Weller gets lost behind the Sazerac 18 and George T. Stagg. Do yourself a favor and get this at least once. It's such a sweet and luscious bourbon while somehow not being cloying in the least. I can honestly say that this is the best bourbon to date that I have tried and is absolutely one of the best whiskies I have tried. As Ralfy says, great whisky continues developing and leaves you behind. This is one of those.

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W. L. Weller


William Larue Weller 2010




Old Sauternes



Victor wrote:

@Dellnola, yes sir, you are totally right. William Larue Weller completely redefines the possibilities of wheated bourbon. This is high-test, knock your socks off wheated bourbon. It is totally delicious and there is nothing like it. The closest would be the Weller Antique 107 proof from 3 years ago, but it is still not to these same heights. Jim Murray knew what he was doing in naming this whiskey the "2011 Third Finest Whiskey in the World". I will probably also soon be putting in my own review of this, at a similar numerical rating. This is one of my top five favourites among all whisk(e)ys. I already have my order in for a case (3) for the 2011 release.

06 February 2011 10:30

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